Digital Maturity: keys to business success


On many occasions, companies have real problems in responding to the changing market and customer needs. Although we know that adaptability is not the only secret, productivity and anticipation are often necessary. Increasingly, digitalisation is a necessary step for positioning, but it is not enough.

That is why we refer to digital maturity when we believe that the company is capable of taking advantage of digital technologies to improve in all possible aspects, from economic performance to customer relations, including business processes, production processes, internal relations and so on.

The digital maturity concept is closely related to digital transformation. If we understand this as the process that companies carry out in order to incorporate and take advantage of the use of digital technologies, digital maturity would be a sort of goal to reach, a place where you can look back and think “we have done a good job”.

How to measure the digital maturity of our company?

We must measure the digital transformation of the company according to some determining factors:

Digital Adaptation: this concept is closely related to the business culture. Without a company culture on analytics, without a fast adaptation to customer demands, and without a climate that favours innovation by the members …

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