A Network of skilled IT talents
We are continously building on an professional Network of Software and Data(Analytics) professionals. Discover on our website how ITcareersholland can support you to find skilled IT talent and achieve a great candidate experience and additional international visibility

Why offers ITcareersholland a good Recruitment Service Solution?

Your company is constantly searching for qualified IT talent to help with the current or future obstacles in the work.

While the Corona Crisis is devastating for our Economies the majority of businesses in the Netherlands are still having difficulties to find and attract IT people with the right skills for the job. 

ITcareersholland is a specialist to search, find and select suitable IT talents for your open vacancy.

We have a personal and transparent approach in our cooperation with you and the IT talents. Our service includes the following features/benefits:

Ambitious IT talents

We are on our best when you are searching for an IT talent who is:

1. graduated at a bachelor and master level.
2. almost graduated

Our expertise is:
– recruiting starters and young professionals

Furthermore we can also search in our professional network for suitable candidates with more than 5 years of work experience.

In our extensive analysis we research:

1. hard criteria,
2. soft criteria

3. cultural fit
4. motivation

Higher education

English language level


Higher education

All candidates have completed a Bachelor and/or Master degree, preferably in:
Θ Computer Science & engineering
Θ Computer and Communication
Networks Engineering
Θ Systems and Network Security
Θ Security Specialist
Θ (Bio) informatics
Θ Mathematics

English language level

All candidates must have an excellent command of the English language.

The level varies from B2 to C1.


Our candidates are qualified as IT professionals. ITcareersholland focuses on the following job profiles:

Θ Software
Θ Hardware
Θ Data Analytics
Θ Data Science

What can you expect from our service?

With our extensive experience in Dutch business and many years of experience
in Southern European countries such as Italy and Portugal, we know well that a professional analysis is crucial for successful match between a candidate with an employer.

We are convinced that after an introduction and an intake interview with you we can search for a (suitable) IT talent for your open vacancy.

We introduce the candidate to your company if our portfolio has no candidate for the job position we look for candidates in our network.

After research a professional (pre) selection is possible.

After the selection process, the candidate will be introduced to you so the job application process can start.

Which contracts does ITcareersholland offer?

Are you looking for an IT talent who can strengthen your team?

We offer the following service contract:

In our service we take care of the entire process.
The candidate will be employed:
1. via employer or 
2. via a third party(payroll).

ITcareersholland has also aftercare in the service.

It means that we:
Θ offer a support in the integration process of the IT talent
Θ Stay in contact with the IT talent to guarantee the quality standards.

If you are dissatisfied after the trial period?

We will carry out our work again for free.  

Why is true-pricing an honest way to charge you for our help?

Our service is based on true-pricing. It means that you pay a realistic fee and margin for the additional value of our work.

Our focus is to build a sustainable relationship and we strive to a long term relationship with your company.

Θ Publication vacancy
»For the publication of your vacancy on our website and Social Media Channels we ask a one-off price of € 290,00 per vacancy.

»The vacancy will be publicated in English/Dutch and is SEO-proof(findability online)

Θ Recruitment and selection fee
When you hire the IT talent you pay us a recruitment and selection fee.

We have 2 options:
Θ A fixed payment(true pricing)

You will pay 50% when the candidate starts the job and 50% of the fee after 2 months.

After the total payment, our agreement ends and you do not pay any additional costs.

No cure, no pay
With our professional help, you have a reliable partner based on a “no cure, no pay” arrangement.

‘Think local, act global’

This philosophy is possible through our strong local network.
We are able to customize your needs for an international IT talent and higher
the success ratio because of  a cultural fit with your company.