Ensuring Security in Public Cloud Hosting


Owing to a large number of benefits that a public cloud hosting offers has caused several organizations to adopt this technology in the past few years. Public cloud offers an umbrella of services ranging from SaaS to AI Machine Learning has made this cloud option the aptest out of the three cloud service models- Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud. This type of cloud computing model also offers the scalability and agility that are the essential needs of any growing and competitive business today.Despite several benefits, one of the concerns that lie with public cloud computing is security. A public cloud is accessed through the Internet and using a shared underlying architecture. It has been seen as a significant problem for those who look to store and secure their sensitive data. The security concerns might not be an issue, provided that there are appropriate security measures in place. Following are the ways in which an organization can strengthen the security of their public cloud computing services-1. Deploying a Security Policy FirstAs a standard process of migrating key services to the cloud, one of the basic requirements that everyone should adhere to is creating a security …

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