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Why ITcareersholland works regarding circular economy principles?

Madou Bochem, Founder of ITcareersholland gained a lot of knowledge about the Circular Economy(new economic system) while he studied at the HAN University. In addition to a financial value, ITcareersholland strives to add also ecological and social value. Our primary focus is to offer (partial) services that retain their value for as long as possible.

Some explicit circular examples for us:

– Continuous thinking to offer services that are still of value after our services
– The services we offer are aimed at providing applicants with knowledge and experience that they can use in the next application process
– ITcareersholland applies true pricing where a realistic fee and margin is requested for the added value of our business activities
– We support the integration process of your international IT talent to give them a soft landing

Why has ITcareersholland work locations in the netherlands and Italy?

ITcareersholland is an International Recruitment Agency. Our focus is to offer a personal service with the philosophy ‘Think local, act global’. Therefore we maintain a strong local network in the North of Italy and other South European countries. We believe that the soft skills and the personality of a person are difficult to measure without physical contact. However a positive candidate experience and a cultural fit with your company is decisive for a long term relationship. That is why we believe an international branch is important to really understand the culture and the people.

What kind of recruitment services does ITcareersholland offer?

We are specialized in recruitment and selection. Furthermore we facilitate the international IT talent before, during and after the job application process. Based on your needs we can offer additional services that contribute to a positive candidate experience.

In our assessment  we focus on:
1. Hard skills
2. Soft skills
3. Cultural fit



Some things you should know


ITcareersholland is specialist in the recruitment of IT talents up to 6 years of working experience


Visibility for your vacancy

For only € 290,00 we give you (international) visibility by publishing and promoting your vacancy on our communication channels


We share cars with other entrepreneurs

With other entrepreneurs in the Netherlands and Italy we save fuel consumption and therefore CO2 emissions and air pollution. In addition our goal is to travel by car to Italy instead of the plane once per quarter.


We inspire students to follow their dream to become who they desire to be

We tell our story with great pleasure to students by giving a guest lecture or a workshop about our path to entrepreneurship.


IT and Recruitment knowledge

We constantly learn new trends and developments about the IT and Recruitment field. In addition we use the knowledge of external Senior Consultants to get a better understanding of the complex issues in companies.


* Connectivity(glasvezel-5G-AMS_IX) * Software(development software-Managed Hosting) * Hosting(Managed Services)(Multiple services-Specialization-Consolidation) * Data Centers(Edge computing-Centralization of Data Centers) * Data-analytics-Cyber Security

‘’In our personal journey we discover what we can do to make our customers happy’’