GoFounders | Steps to Accelerate Business with Power of AI and data


Businesses today are facing the toughest challenges across the world. Most of the countries are encouraging entrepreneurship and creating a favourable business environment for investors. The advancement in technology has caused a lot of sprains on small and medium enterprises. The SMEs are in heavy competition against the large corporations that have the capacity to eat of the market pie.Especially the latest and the most promising AI technology is what the large corporations around the world are eyeing for to stay efficient and win the competition. However, AI technology has always been expensive and mostly out of reach for small and medium businesses.Enter ONPASSIVE, a unicorn AI technology company that is dedicated to providing cutting edge AI technology products to the world. Mainly, it focuses on enabling small and medium enterprises to adopt AI in their operations and stand up against the massive competition offered by large companies.The companies that already have adopted AI to analyze business data to empower and outrun the competition are successful in gaining market share and cutting costs. However, only 20% of the companies are using AI for their data because the technology …

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