How AI Can Solve Influencer Marketing Mistakes


Influencer marketing has seen a massive explosion in popularity over the last year. Big Commerce goes on to note that 17% of businesses who use influencer marketing will sink more than half of their marketing budget on this channel in 2020. With such a massively growing industry, it’s not surprising to see companies making a few missteps here and there. Influencers are, after all, only human. However, with the help of artificial intelligence, businesses might get a little bit of assistance with their influencer marketing woes.AI and Influencer MarketingArtificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms have already proven their use. Whether it’s finding cost-effective marketing directing us to the best deals in the shopping district, AI has shown it has the potential to understand humanity at a fundamental level. However, AI can do more than just help us figure out mundane, everyday things like this. Development in the field has made it useful in finding influencers that appeal to a business’s core demographic. Let’s look at a few of the ways that AI can help businesses with their influencer marketing.Choosing The Right InfluencerInfluencers can either be general or niche. General influencers command a larger audience and have more extensive outreach. You …

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