How AI Helping Government to Track Coronavirus


Professional executives from giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Apple met officials at Downing Street to discuss their role in this pandemic crisis. One of the topics discussed was their duty in “modeling and tracking data.”

Many companies were asked how they could leverage artificial intelligence solutions. In the last month’s report of WHO, it was stated that AI and big data were a major part of China’s response to the Coronavirus.

Sharing data with AI

Facebook and the researchers at Harvard University’s School of Public Health and the National Tsing Hua University working together, in Taiwan, sharing anonymized data of the individual’s moves and population density maps (high- resolution). This helps them forecast the virus spread.

Facebook is also helping partners understand the way people are talking about the pandemic, using tools like Crowdtangle that aggregates social media posts.

Earlier, Google search data was being used to track infectious illnesses. Verily, Google’s life science research arm is creating a small body-worn temperature patch to help people in tracking their personal health. This patch is able to transmit data to a mobile app. This technology will be helpful in the elder generation, where viral infections spread easily.

The team of Google is working 24X7 to …

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