How AI Is Making Mining Safer and More Efficient


When you think of artificial intelligence, mining probably isn’t the first industry that comes to mind. Like any other sector, though, mining is undergoing a data-driven revolution — and AI is leading the charge. Mining companies have a lot to gain from the technology, and they’re implementing it more and more.No matter what kind of material you’re mining, operating inside of a quarry can be challenging. If you’re not precise or careful enough, you risk losing a lot of money and endangering workers. Since AI has a reputation for increasing safety and efficiency, it’s ideal for this field.Analyzing Mining SitesRunning all of the heavy machinery involved in mining is an expensive undertaking. If miners start digging in the wrong spot or in a less-than-ideal way, it can mean a lot of lost capital. AI can help them find optimal areas and methods to get the most material for their efforts.Companies use sensors and databases to gather current and historical data about an area and then run that data through an AI program. Through predictive analytics, these programs can then tell what kinds of operations will be the most effective. This kind of application can boost productivity by 10%, and those …

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