How Artificial Intelligence Can Make All the Difference for Assembly Lines


The modern factory is a highly digitized environment, with machines and sensors everywhere. Assembly lines have been early adopters of automation technologies for years, but there’s still room for improvement. Artificial intelligence enables manufacturers to reach the full potential of assembly lines, fully automated or otherwise.AI is still a relatively new technology, so some manufacturers may be hesitant about adopting it. While it’s often a significant investment, AI systems can lead to an impressive return. Running an assembly line involves a lot of data points that AI can use to create a more efficient environment.Here are just a few ways artificial intelligence can change assembly lines for the better.Finding and Fixing InefficienciesOne of AI’s greatest talents is finding connections in data sets that humans may miss. It’s why many organizations use machine learning programs to handle their big data analytics. It’s also why AI is particularly helpful for assembly lines wanting to become more efficient.If an assembly line gathers enough data from their process, AI can analyze it to find inefficiencies. It can then use predictive analytics to suggest possible changes or even implement them automatically. A busy human employee may not be able to see all the room for …

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