How Artificial Intelligence Changes Test Case Management?


With the adoption of artificial intelligence in many businesses, testing practices are on the verge of revolution, especially in terms of test case management, test design, and test case execution. Artificial intelligence is often defined as the science and engineering of creating intelligent machines that can display intellectual behavior. The integration of artificial intelligence in software development and testing practices improves the accuracy and quality of the end product while reducing the efforts and the invested time.

When it comes to test case management, the AI-based solutions have the ability to create test cases, select the most adequate case to execute, and also recommend the best testing strategy by taking into account all variables and scenarios. By assimilating proficient test case management tools and AI-based solutions, the teams are able to analyze the results and derive actionable insights for future use as well.

Machine Learning Application in Test Case Management

Test cases are a critical part of the software testing, which determines the scope and the nature of the test. It is also important to note that the quality and impact of the overall testing process is highly contingent on the kind of test cases that are generated and used during testing.

Under the …

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