How to Use Big Data to Perfect a Marketing Plan


Ask any sports executive, and they’ll tell you that the biggest and most important shift in recent years is from using gut instinct to data for making important decisions. With so much information flowing around during the current digital age, you need to use this approach when it comes to your marketing strategy. Marketers in every industry and sector are using analytics and information to glean insights on client behavior and habits. This information will help you get a leg up on the competition. Here’s how you can use big data to perfect your marketing plan going forward. Understanding Your Target AudienceNo marketing plan can be successful without first understanding the audience you are aiming at. Everything you do has to be tailored to that audience. You can’t guess this aspect of the process, so having the data will help you make informed strategic decisions. You can use data to figure out what types of customers are bringing you the most value, whether that means sales, or engagement on social media, or any other metric. You can track what methods they use to interact with your brand, and how those contacts convert into sales. Once you have enough information on …

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