How WDSI offers Data Science Research Grants


By the turn of 2025, the world is expected to need 2.5 million data science professionals to work with organizations and governments in a structured manner. They will help organizations achieve the capacity to do things correctly at the first attempt itself, and will also facilitate quicker and more accurate decision-making driven by data.To make a move toward attaining this goal, the World Data Science Initiative (WDSI) has been set up. WDSI is working together with a number of technical schools and universities across the world, and the target is to have 250,000 talented data science professionals by the year 2022. In order to attain this goal, it will offer more than USD 300 million in grants for universities, which they can use to obtain accreditations for themselves and also assist their students in obtaining good certifications on the most advanced vendor-neutral standards in data science in the world.The main goal of data science is to facilitate quicker and better decision-making by companies, driven by the power of data. These decisions can help them attain market leadership or survive the toughest crisis times. This is why there is huge demand for data scientists, and as per the US Emerging Jobs …

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