Human Participation – Still an indispensable element in Business Analytics


Business Analytics has evolved a lot. Business Analytics was designed for addressing the need for deriving intelligence out of ‘data’, which is nowadays referred to affectionately by many as the ‘crude oil’ or ‘gold ore’ of modern times. Business Analytics synergizes the strengths of various sciences including data mining, knowledge discovery, machine learning, pattern recognition, statistics, neurocomputing, and artificial intelligence. However, the world is still in a state of the perfect synchronization of Business Analytics and human expertise – Business Analytics cannot exist alone without human participation. The requirements have to be defined and the logic has to be structured by human beings for the Business Analytics juggernaut to roll on.Human participation is still indispensable in Business Analytics. Business Analytics can highlight only what is better or worse in the given dataset; humans have to set the logic. Business Analytics can only minimize the time needed for segregating or slotting the data in the dashboards and allow time for humans to analyze the data trends. Definitely, technology solutions have taken over the part of dissecting and categorizing data so that humans can use their time more efficiently to seek insights. But the human participation is still inevitable.For instance, Social Media is …

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