Japan's teamLab melds museum and sauna in fresh digital art experience


By Antoni Slodkowski
TOKYO (Reuters) – A wall of flower petals bursts into a thousand fragments. A huge ball levitates in the air, turning from red to blue to purple. Hundreds of butterflies dart around a screen of tiny water particles.
This is not a modern art museum, but the latest creation of Japan’s teamLab collective of engineers, artists and architects, anchored around a maze of seven saunas lit up in hues of red, green and yellow.
The Tokyo-based digital art group took over an empty lot in the city’s glitzy Roppongi district and over the last year erected a gigantic tent housing the sauna rooms and three immersive art installations.
“Art is traditionally exhibited in luxurious places like palaces or museums – we wanted to create a luxurious …

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