Leveraging AI Development Trends for Business Transformation


Artificial Intelligence has enabled organizations to achieve some massive breakthroughs in the past decade. From its use in the Supply Chain and ECommerce to Research and Development, artificial intelligence has brought about massive transformation changes in business workflow and has led to an increasing demand among firms for implementing AI-based solutions.As per Gartner, around 37 percent of organizations are using AI in some form making it a 270 percent increase compared to last year. Another stat from Gartner predicted that around 80 percent of the emerging technologies will be based on AI, clearly showing that AI implementation will be greatly responsible for business growth.Artificial Intelligence is used to simplify business activities in different industry verticals. From automating tasks with RPA to speeding up decision making with useful insight comings from Predictive Engines– AI offers tremendous capabilities for businesses. And thus, AI Development Companies worldwide have started integrating AI with other technologies like Blockchain, IoT, and others to create next-gen solutions.The scope of AI is massive and is predicted to be instrumental for business transformation. Let’s have a look at some of the major trends in AI Development for this year and beyond:Facial RecognitionAI is used in developing facial recognition …

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