New Trends in Investment Banking – Hiring Patterns and Fintech


Finance and Banking industry is changing for good. From physical exchanges to algorithmic trading and emerging robot-advisors, the industry is adapting to a new crop of technologies to accomplish everyday functions. Cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data, are the buzzwords disrupting investment banking hiring trends, operations, and deal-making. We take a look into the future of banking and changes confronting the industry. Before that, here is a quick roundabout of the fundamental functions of investment banks.5 Functions of Investment
BanksInvestment banks are the most complex, riskiest, and shiniest among all types of banks. Ever wondered, what do spotlessly kitted-out investment banking professionals actually do? Whether one is an analyst or an associate, their functions largely center around five main areas:1) Trading Trading at investment banks constitutes salespeople who execute orders and sell products to investors. They sell securities, commodities, equities, bonds, and other products of the firm. Sales & Trading is one of the vital functions of investment banks. If an investment bank can’t trade successfully, it becomes difficult to survive, keep clients, and make money. 2) Market Making It is one of the crucial functions. For any market to thrive, …

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