Apple’s watchOS 7 may beat Google’s latest Wear OS, but both need help

Smartwatches have become a huge business over the past several years, evolving past the “why do people need these” phase into trusted health monitors and secondary communication devices for millions of people. Apple currently dominates the global market with watchOS-powered Apple Watches, but Google’s Wear OS is at the core of numerous competing devices, notably […]

Lyft and Uber receive reprieve in California employment rights row

Image copyright Reuters Uber and Lyft have been granted a reprieve in a row over drivers’ employment rights in California after a court granted an emergency injunction. The ride-hailing firms had threatened to suspend operations over an earlier ruling that they must classify drivers as employees, not contractors. But the reprieve allows them to continue […]

How Four Brothers Allegedly Fleeced $19 Million From Amazon 

Over the course of two years, four brothers in New York allegedly swindled Amazon out of at least $19 million using thousands of $94 toothbrushes and other expensive goods, according to a Department of Justice indictment unsealed Wednesday. Federal prosecutors accused Yoel Abraham, Heshl Abraham, Zishe Abraham, and Shmuel Abraham of invoicing Amazon for a […]

ConnectALL Announces Support for Business Outcomes in Its Value Stream Management Solutions

ConnectALL, a leading provider of value stream management solutions, today announced a new feature  ̶  the ability to incorporate OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) into its value stream management solution. The integration of OKR solutions into the software value stream enables corporations to associate business outcomes with code in production. “Equipping our customers to connect […]

Court ruling paves the way for Facebook to settle its facial recognition lawsuit

(Reuters) – Facebook won preliminary approval late on Wednesday from a federal court for settlement of a lawsuit that claimed it illegally collected and stored biometric data of millions of users without their consent. The social media company had in July raised its settlement offer by $100 million to $650 million in relation to the […]

Steve Bannon, a $25M Border Wall Campaign, and a GoFundMe Gone Bad

Ultimately, most donors allowed their contributions to funnel to We Build the Wall rather than accept a refund, under repeated assurances that all of their money would go directly to construction. Several hundred thousands of those dollars, prosecutors say, did not. We Build the Wall did put money toward its stated purpose, although the indictment […]

E-learning? There’s a database for that. Real-time data? That, too

Companies of all sizes and maturity levels, from startups to multinational corporations, have at least this in common: they know that using data effectively is a key driver of innovation, competitive advantage, and growth. Now that expensive hardware and software are no longer prerequisites for innovation, thanks to the rise of cloud computing, startups can […]

Women in Sales Part 5: The Value of Support Networks and Inspiration

Women at McAfee are making powerful contributions to our sales efforts. Saleswomen from varying backgrounds share their unique perspectives in hopes of encouraging more women to join them in sales.   This week, women share the inspirations and support networks which are leading them down successful sales paths.  And in case you missed it, meet more women at McAfee who discussed opportunities in the field, offered insight […]

Announcing the newest AWS Heroes – August 2020

The AWS Heroes program recognizes a select few individuals who go above and beyond to share AWS knowledge and teach others about AWS, all while helping make building AWS skills accessible to many. These leaders have an incredible impact within technical communities worldwide and their efforts are greatly appreciated. Today we are excited to introduce […]