Noise-killing headphones are a work- or school-from-home secret weapon

Even if you occasionally worked from home before the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s a good chance you weren’t prepared for the challenges of doing so five days a week — especially if your partner and/or children share your newly combined living and working space. A house that once comfortably held four people might suddenly feel like […]

How Xbox Game Pass is giving fans the first Battletoads in 26 years

Developers Rare and Dlala Studios just released Battletoads for PC and Xbox. This is the latest entry in the classic beat-’em-up series, but it’s also the first new Battletoads since the arcade game in 1994. And like other recent releases from Xbox Game Studios, the Netflix-like subscription service Game Pass is key to giving Microsoft […]

Microsoft researchers use Bing data to track shifting human needs during the pandemic

Research about the pandemic has mostly focused on epidemiology, but health data alone can’t inform policies — decisions should ideally take into account the impacts on communities. Driven by this maxim, Microsoft researchers developed a framework to characterize the changes in people’s physiological, socioeconomic, and psychological needs during the pandemic. After applying the framework to […]

TypeScript 4.0 now available – SD Times

The latest version of TypeScript is now available. According to Microsoft, TypeScript 4.0 represents the next generation of TypeScript releases and focuses on expressivity, productivity, and scalability.  RELATED CONTENT: TypeScript 3.9 New features in this release include: Variadic tuple types Labeled tuple elements Class property inference from constructors Short-circuiting assignment operators Unknown on catch clauses […]

Amazon's consumer CEO Jeff Wilke to retire early next year

By Akanksha Rana and Jeffrey Dastin (Reuters) – Inc <AMZN.O> on Friday said its longtime executive and consumer chief Jeff Wilke plans to retire after more than two decades with the company, a decision that appeared to take him out of line to succeed CEO and founder Jeff Bezos. Dave Clark, 47, another Amazon […]

CWE: XSS and out-of-bounds write the most dangerous software weaknesses of 2020

The Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) has released its 2020 “Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Weakness” report, which found improper neutralization of input during web page generation, also known as cross-site scripting (XSS), and out-of-bounds write, where the most dangerous weakness. With cross-site scripting, software does not neutralize or incorrectly neutralizes user-controllable input before it is […]

ProBeat: Release your data sets to the AI research community and reap the benefits

This week we featured how Duolingo uses AI in every part of its app, including Stories, Smart Tips, podcasts, reports, and even notifications. The story is based on interviews with CEO Luis von Ahn and research director Burr Settles, who joined as the company’s first AI hire in 2013 (Duolingo was founded in 2012). While […]

Spellbreak studio wants crossplay and cross-progression to be standard in gaming

Cross-progression is a lofty goal for any game developer to tackle in a day when games like Fortnite run on any, OK, almost any, platform. But Proletariat aims to take this a step further by enabling cross-progression with Spellbreak on the same day the studio’s fantasy battle royale launches across PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, […]

Facebook releases tools to help AI navigate complex environments

Facebook says it’s progressing toward assistants capable of interacting with and understanding the physical world as well as people do. The company announced milestones today implying its future AI will be able to learn how to plan routes, look around its physical environments, listen to what’s happening, and build memories of 3D spaces. The concept […]