Wasteland 3 review-in-progress — Colder, but more intimate

I think someone at InXile Entertainment has watched Honey, I Shrunk the Kids a few too many times. Wasteland 3 has grenades that shrink your foes. Enemies have them, too. The studio’s previous role-playing game, The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep, has spells that turn the baddies into pipsqueaks. And in that one, they have […]

The Blurred Lines and Closed Loops of Google Search

Tricksy! You’ll notice the knowledge box on the righthand side, too. But Google has around 92 percent of global search marketshare. It effectively is online search. Dark patterns are all too common online in general, and January wasn’t the first time people accused Google of deploying them. In June of 2018, a blistering report from […]

Twitter labels video shared by Trump aide as ‘manipulated media’

Twitter labeled a tweet by White House director of social media Dan Scavino as “manipulated media” today. The original, unaltered video shows Harry Belafonte asleep in an interview with a local TV station. The video shared by Scavino replaces Belafonte’s face with Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. The Scavino video has been seen more than […]

Security Compass introduces Balanced Development Automation to tackle DevOps security

Security Compass introduced the new DevOps tool category Balanced Development Automation (BDA) in order to empower organizations to build secure digital products without compromising time to market. According to the company, development teams usually have to choose between “fast and risk” or “slow and safe.” BDA aims to improve processes that are manual, inconsistent, silo […]

Apple’s latest App Store and notarization problems reveal a giant seeking agility

There are several schools of thought regarding Apple’s growth over the last two decades and its recent ascent into $1 trillion and $2 trillion market valuations, but their common theme is that Apple has grown from David into Goliath — arguably too big for everyone’s good save its own. What once appeared to be Apple’s […]

Crusader Kings III review-in-progress — King me

As took my final breaths, I wondered why my son hated me so. I provided the best education, sending him to the imperial court for tutelage. I found him a spouse that opened doors for both of us. I doubled the size of the realm he would inherit. And yet, he killed me in his […]

3 keys to planning a success product

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, hearing people talk about the “new normal” has become, well, the new normal. Much has been upended to say the least—and some shifts are extremely relevant to the product development realm. For instance, I predict it will become the “new normal” for restaurants to have their own products […]

The OS That Changed My Life

Last week was the anniversary of Windows 95, and there have been few things that have impacted me as much as this OS launch. I learned a lot from the launch and post-launch support. I met Bill Gates for the first time—he nearly got me both fired and saved my job. I did a ton […]

SAX And Other Big Data Advances Revolutionize Stock Future Trading

The financial industry is incredibly dynamic. One of the reasons is its incredible resilience and dependence on rapidly changing technology. A prime example is the growing use of big data for stock future trading. Predictive analytics models have proven to be remarkably effective with the stock futures market. One company that uses big data to […]