The RetroBeat: Will we ever feel nostalgia for PS4 or Xbox One?

I was clearing up some clutter this week, and I came across my old childhood TV. This is the screen I had in my room to play games on consoles like the Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, and PlayStation 2. Now it’s set back up in my room (my adult one, not my childhood room). It’s […]

Queen’s Birthday Honours 2020: ‘Covid-critical’ broadband engineers awarded

The centre, which had been mothballed, was suddenly needed again, as demand for food and other goods soared, with people panic-buying in the face of a forthcoming lockdown. The warehouse needed new cabling and a taskforce of engineers to fit it. Typically, such a job would take two months to complete – but it was […]

Into the Mother Lands interview: Twitch invests in an RPG show led by people of color

Critical Role has played an important roll in the rise of actual play RPG livestreams and podcasts, turning these from a niche to a major player in the streaming ecosystem. According to measurement firm StreamElements, viewers watched an aggregated 19.5 million hours of such shows on Twitch an YouTube, a 1,142% increase over 2018. 2020’s […]

AI Weekly: Nvidia’s Maxine opens the door to deepfakes and bias in video calls

Will AI power video chats of the future? That’s what Nvidia implied this week with the unveiling of Maxine, a platform that provides developers with a suite of GPU-accelerated AI conferencing software. Maxine brings AI effects including gaze correction, super-resolution, noise cancellation, face relighting, and more to end users, while in the process reducing how […]

Microsoft makes remote work option permanent

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption New guidance sent to Microsoft staff indicated that working fro home could become permanent for employees, if their manager agreed Microsoft has told staff that they will have the option of working from home permanently with manager approval. The move mimics the US tech giant’s rivals Facebook and Twitter, […]

Microsoft reveals 10 app store principles to promote fairness

Microsoft released a set of 10 principles to promote fairness and innovation on Windows 10. The release follows the announcement of the Coalition for App Fairness (CAF), which was formed late last month to counter Apple App store practices.  “For software developers, app stores have become a critical gateway to some of the world’s most […]

Rights group blasts Argentina for using face recognition tech on kids

By Hugh Bronstein BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) – Human Rights Watch wants the city of Buenos Aires to stop using live facial recognition to identify children accused of committing crimes, the rights group said on Friday. New York-based Human Rights Watch said Buenos Aires started using the technology in 2019, making Argentina the only country in […]

Automating Index State Management for Amazon ES

When it comes to time-series data, it’s more common to access new data over existing data, such as the last 4 hours or 1 day. Often, application teams are tasked with maintaining multiple indexes for diverse data workloads, which brings new requirements to set up a custom solution to manage the indexes’ lifecycle. This becomes […]

US election: Twitter tightens rules on retweets and victory claims

“Under this policy, we will label Tweets that falsely claim a win for any candidate and will remove Tweets that encourage violence or call for people to interfere with election results or the smooth operation of polling places,” the company said in a blog post. Credit: Source link