Beamable files for Chapter 11 but will still pursue game monetization business

Game monetization firm Beamable has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection this week, but in an interview, CEO Jon Radoff said the company still plans to operate. Radoff said the company hopes to go through a quick bankruptcy process and clean up its balance sheet so it can continue its work handling server and monetization […]

AI Reads Human Emotions. Should it?

AI can read your emotional response to advertising and your facial expressions in a job interview. But if it can already do all this, what happens next? In part two of a series on emotion AI, Jennifer Strong and the team at MIT Technology Review explore the implications of how it’s used and where it’s […]

Apple’s huge 5G and Siri bets risk user satisfaction and legal issues

Though it was held this year in October instead of September, Apple’s “Hi, Speed” media event was a largely typical iPhone launch party, opening with the expansion of its Siri-powered line of HomePod speakers (“Hi”), and concluding with the long-awaited addition of 5G cellular connectivity to the iPhone lineup (“Speed”). Some companies might have tread cautiously […]

Google’s breast cancer-predicting AI research is useless without transparency, critics say

Back in January, Google Health, the branch of Google focused on health-related research, clinical tools, and partnerships for health care services, released an AI model trained on over 90,000 mammogram X-rays that the company said achieved better results than human radiologists. Google claimed that the algorithm could recognize more false negatives — the kind of […]

A Trickbot Assault Shows US Military Hackers’ Growing Reach

For more than two years, General Paul Nakasone has promised that, under his leadership, United States Cyber Command would “defend forward,” finding adversaries and preemptively disrupting their operations. Now that offensive strategy has taken an unexpected form: an operation designed to disable or take down Trickbot, the world’s largest botnet, believed to be controlled by […]

Crafting serverless streaming ETL jobs with AWS Glue

Organizations across verticals have been building streaming-based extract, transform, and load (ETL) applications to more efficiently extract meaningful insights from their datasets. Although streaming ingest and stream processing frameworks have evolved over the past few years, there is now a surge in demand for building streaming pipelines that are completely serverless. Since 2017, AWS Glue […]

npm v7.0.0 ready to ship with long-awaited features

Npm has announced that npm v7.0.0 will ship with the Node.js 15.0.0 release next week.  Npm v7.0.0 introduces a number of highly requested features, such as Workspaces, the ability to automatically install peer dependencies, and package-lock v2 and support for yarn.lock Workspaces are a set of features that offer support from managing multiple packages within […]

A NASA spacecraft is about to scoop up some asteroid rubble

The sampler was initially designed for a sandy space beach with an area of 165 feet. As we now know, nothing like that exists on Bennu. So instead, the team has now settled on Nightingale, a 52-foot-diameter site sitting inside a crater that’s thought to be well preserved. There are boulders the size of buildings […]

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla preview — An England worth exploring

After my first gameplay demo of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, I came away nonplussed. I didn’t think that Ubisoft’s upcoming viking-themed game was bad, but it felt too similar to the franchise’s last couple of games. Last week, I got a chance to play the open world game again, this time for about 5 hours. Now […]