5 Easy Data-Driven Approaches To Bolster Cryptocurrency Security

Big data is critical to the future of cryptocurrency trading. Traders need to know how to use big data tools to their full advantage. Big Data is Changing the State of Cryptocurrencies A number of changes are on the horizon with the cryptocurrency industry. Most of these changes are brought by big data. Blockchain is […]

China revises laws to strengthen protection of minors online

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – China has revised laws to strengthen the protection of under-18s online, state news agency Xinhua reported late on Saturday, forcing internet product and service providers to take action when necessary. The revised laws, voted for adoption by the National People’s Congress Standing Committee on Saturday and effective from June 1 next year, […]

Is sainthood on the cards for a computer programmer?

Many of us think of saints as being figures from the distant past. But the beatification of a 15-year-old computer programmer called Carlo Acutis means he’s only one step away from being recognised as a saint. BBC faith and ethics reporter Sophia Smith Galer explains what it takes to be made a saint, and how […]

Beat Saber multiplayer is out now on PC and Quest, but delayed for PSVR

The multiplayer update for Beat Saber is finally available for PC VR and Oculus Quest. PSVR players will have to wait a bit longer, as the update has been delayed on that platform. It’s been years in the making, but now up to five Beat Saber players will be able to compete in tracks together […]

Why is Automated Machine Learning Important?

A radical shift in the way enterprises of all scales address machine learning and data engineering is defined by Automated Machine Learning (AutoML). It is time-consuming, resource-intensive, and difficult to apply conventional machine learning approaches to real-world business concerns. In Data Science, Automated Machine Learning is one of the powerful fields of study. For anyone […]

How smart devices are exploited for domestic abuse

Another explained how her partner used Amazon’s virtual assistant to monitor her via a function that lets users remotely connect to enabled smart speakers and listen/speak via an intercom-like facility. Credit: Source link