Intel Geospatial is a cloud platform for AI-powered imagery analytics

Intel today quietly launched Intel Geopspatial, a cloud platform that features data engineering solutions, 3D visualizations, and basic analytics tools for geovisual workloads. Intel says it’s designed to provide access to 2D and 3D geospatial data and apps through an ecosystem of partners, addressing use cases like vegetation management, fire risk assessment and inspection, and […]

Microsoft Teams passes 115 million daily active users

Microsoft Teams is continuing to ride the remote work and learning wave kicked off by the coronavirus pandemic. During Microsoft’s Q1 2021 earnings call, CEO Satya Nadella shared that Microsoft Teams has passed 115 million daily active users. That’s up 53% from the 75 million daily active users in April. A year ago, Microsoft Teams […]

How Wisconsin’s slowed-down mail could decide the election

The back and forth landed in the US Supreme Court, which on Monday ruled 5-3 rejecting the extension. The ruling came down along ideological lines: All the justices appointed by Republicans sided with the Republican Party, the Democrat-appointed judges sided with Democrats. The decision was made just before Amy Coney Barrett was sworn in as […]

Researchers develop sentence rewriting technique to fool text classifiers

A recent paper coauthored by MIT researchers highlights the problem of sentence-level attacks against text classifiers, in which an attacker alters a sentence to trigger misclassification while keeping the sentence’s literal meaning unchanged. Text classifiers are used in a range of applications, particularly document processing. Such systems allow companies to structure, normalize, and standardize business […]

Election 2020: Lookout for Fake News Before and After the Election | McAfee Blogs Election 2020: Lookout for Fake News Before and After the Election

  Election 2020: Keep on the Lookout for Fake News Before and After the Election As the news and conversations leading up to Election Day intensify, and with early voting already in full swing, the flood of misinformation and outright disinformation online continues—and will undoubtedly continue in the days after as the results are tabulated […]

Why Facebook’s Oversight Board Won’t Work

I’ve been involved in several antitrust actions and researched many others. Generally, the sequence of events is that the firm grows to a point where competition no longer keeps it constrained. It discovers that misusing power is far easier than competing fairly. It gets caught misbehaving and crippled by regulations. Historically, this last step has […]

CodeSentry launched to find security blind spots in third party code

GrammaTech has announced a new software composition analysis (SCA) product, CodeSentry, that is designed to detect vulnerabilities in application components including binaries, and create a detailed software bill of materials.  According to the company, it identifies blind spots and allows security professionals to measure and manage risk quickly throughout the SDLC.  With the bill of […]

Hyundai's Motional partners with Via to launch U.S. robotaxi service in 2021

(Reuters) – Hyundai Motor Co’s <005380.KS> self-driving joint venture Motional and public transit technology firm Via have partnered to launch a shared robotaxi service in the United States next year, the companies said on Tuesday. The partnership, which plans to launch the rides in the first half of 2021, aims to combine Motional’s driverless vehicles […]