AWS Nitro Enclaves – Isolated EC2 Environments to Process Confidential Data

When I first told you about the AWS Nitro System, I said: The Nitro system is a rich collection of building blocks that can be assembled in many different ways, giving us the flexibility to design and rapidly deliver EC2 instance types with an ever-broadening selection of compute, storage, memory, and networking options. To date, […]

How TikTok’s unique mix of social and broadcast media techniques sets it apart

TikTok’s strange, unprecedented twists and turns take place against the backdrop of significant changes to social media itself, as it evolves from a medium for sharing into a one-to-many broadcast medium for the digital age. TikTok’s platform is built on viral content through casually created, widely distributed videos. It seems everyone and their mother aims […]

ScourgeBringer earned trust during development by talking about its budget

When you’re promoting a game, you usually try not to let your fans see the financial stresses that come with development. France-based Flying Oak Games did just the opposite while working on ScourgeBringer. ScourgeBringer is a roguelike platformer that is out now for Switch, Xbox One, and PC, debuting after two-and-a-half years of work. While […]

‘Watch Dogs: Legion’ Tackles Surveillance Without Humanity

Back in 2015, when creative director Clint Hocking and his team began crafting the near-future world of Watch Dogs: Legion, some of the biggest technology companies in the world were confidently describing skies buzzing with package-delivery drones and streets alive with autonomous vehicles. 3-D printers, common. AR games, viral. Cryptocurrency, for everyone. Into the game […]

Section 230: Senators grandstand during hearing with Big Tech bosses

What happened: Less than a week before the US presidential elections, the CEOs of Facebook, Google, and Twitter appeared before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation.The four-hour hearing was meant to focus on Section 230, the regulation that has shielded internet companies from liability for user content. Most questions, however, had little to […]

Google’s Transporter Network uses minimal data to teach robots to stack blocks

Researchers at Google say they’ve developed an AI model architecture — Transporter Network — that enables object-grasping robots to reason about which visual cues are important and how they should be rearranged in a scene. During experiments, the researchers say their Transporter Networks achieved “superior” efficiency on a number of tasks including stacking a pyramid […]

PlayStation 5: How it looks when it auto-records a Trophy moment

Trophies have been a significant part of the PlayStation ecosystem since Sony introduced them during the PlayStation 3’s life. Initially a counter to Microsoft’s Achievements system for Xbox, Trophies have given PlayStation fans a reason to not just beat their games but to also challenge themselves by tackling harder difficulties or by searching for secrets. […]

Twitter says outage in Asia resolved

(Reuters) – Twitter Inc said on Wednesday that services were restored after an internal network issue caused a brief outage for some users in Asian countries., a website which monitors outages, showed that there were nearly 3,000 incidents of people reporting issues with the micro-blogging site at its peak but that figure dropped quickly […]

PyTorch 1.7 now available with new APIs, profiling, and benchmarking tools

The latest version of the open-source machine learning library PyTorch is now available. PyTorch 1.7 introduces new APIs, support for CUDA 11, updates to profiling and performance for RPC, TorchScript, and Stack tracers. New front end APIs include torch.fft, which is a module for implementing FFT-related functions; C++ support for nn.transformer module abstraction from the […]