Five Supreme Court rulings that signal what to expect next

Trump’s tweet goes to the heart of the political and legal case he’s been making all year. But there are problems with his argument: it goes against every election in American history, it has no legal basis, and it’s a part of his politicized disinformation campaign about election security, which is regularly contradicted by the […]

Hands-on: Amazon Fresh grocery stores tease brick-and-mortar retail’s future

There were no lines outside Irvine, California’s new Amazon Fresh grocery store on its opening day last week, despite the fact that it was only the second such location in the world — and the first to be open to the public on day one. But after early visitors discovered the store’s high-tech shopping carts, two […]

AWS releases models and datasets to help predict COVID-19’s spread

Amazon Web Services (AWS) today open-sourced a new simulator and machine learning toolkit for anticipating and mitigating the spread of COVID-19. AWS says that the suite, which comprises a disease progression simulator and models to test the impact of various intervention strategies, can help to accurately capture many of the complexities of the virus in […]

Data is key to returns on investment

Return Policy Guide is a website that aggregates the policies of many major retailers, so if a customer is unhappy with his purchase, he can learn how to most effectively return the product and get his money back. The site handles a ton of data, from the individual policies themselves, to ads on the site, […]

The RetroBeat: The Video Game History Foundation is on the hunt for source code

The video game industry is still young, but we’re already in danger of losing parts of its history forever. That’s why the Video Game Source Project by the Video Game History Foundation is so important. This project is a call-to-arms for the industry to locate and preserve source code, the original art and programming that […]

The top 3 pain points of test automation, and how to overcome them

There are three steps when it comes to setting up test automation in your development organization: Creation, maintenance and continuous. While these three steps may seem straightforward, Mark Lambert, vice president of strategic initiatives at Parasoft, explained there are specific challenges that arise with each step.   Creation: Here, organizations not only have to figure […]

Alibaba-owned Lazada suffers data hack of 1.1 million accounts

SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Singapore e-commerce firm Lazada said on Friday that personal information including addresses and partial credit card numbers from 1.1 million accounts had been hacked, a major breach in the city-state of 5.7 million. The Alibaba-owned firm said in an email that the information was taken from a database of its grocery arm […]

Ubisoft releases its own list of PS4 games that won’t work on PS5

The list of PlayStation 4 games that may not work on PlayStation 5 is growing. On its own website, Ubisoft provided a roster of games that won’t work with the backward compatibility on the next-generation console. And none of these games are on the list Sony has on its support page. “Most of our back […]