SPOTLIGHT: Women in Cybersecurity | McAfee Blogs

There are new and expanding opportunities for women’s participation in cybersecurity globally as women are present in greater numbers in leadership. In recent years, the international community has recognized the important contributions of women to cybersecurity, however, equal representation of women is nowhere near a reality, especially at senior levels. The RSA Conference USA 2019 held […]

Researchers develop AI that solves a matrix-based visual cognitive test

Multiple choice tests provide test-takers the ability to compare answers to eliminate choices (or guess the correct one). Each choice can be compared with the question to infer patterns that might have been missed; it’s arguably the ability to narrow down the right answer from sets of answers that’s the test of true comprehension. Inspired […]

MediaTek wants to help education-focused tablet makers beat the iPad

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, educational institutions shifted so rapidly to remote learning that students and teachers were barely prepared: Some schools asked parents to use paper instructions and workbooks, while others loaned out Chromebooks for video classes and online assignments. As a fairly tech-savvy parent, I was saddened to see my […]

Dontnod expands with back-to-back games and a new studio in Montreal

Dontnod Entertainment has become one of the leaders in storytelling games. If there’s any doubt about that, consider its release schedule. Microsoft is publishing Tell Me Why in August and September. And Dontnod is self-publishing a second game, Twin Mirror, on December 1. It’s a big deal when a company launches back-to-back games in a […]

Volkswagen takes on Tesla with first ID.4 electric models in China

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – Volkswagen AG <VOWG_p.DE> launched two ID.4 electric sport-utility vehicle models in China on Tuesday, taking on Tesla Inc in the world’s biggest auto market. The ID.4 CROZZ model is being made by Volkswagen’s joint venture with FAW Group [SASACJ.UL], while the ID.4 X is produced by a separate venture with SAIC Motor. […]

Researchers show that computer vision algorithms pretrained on ImageNet exhibit multiple, distressing biases

State-of-the-art image-classifying AI models trained on ImageNet, a popular (but problematic) dataset containing photos scraped from the internet, automatically learn human-like biases about race, gender, weight, and more. That’s according to new research from scientists at Carnegie Mellon University and George Washington University, who developed what they claim is a novel method for quantifying biased […]

Guest View: Use static analysis to secure open source

Traditional security tools can help here, but open source is public, transparent, cloud-based, and collaborative. This lends itself to a new way of certifying software: Continuous Assurance. In this approach, automated tools and processes ensure that, as code changes, it continually satisfies compliance, quality, and security requirements. It’s the GitHub-era agile development approach to security […]