Mass Effect fans should expect big news for ‘N7 Day’

The Mass Effect community, BioWare, and Electronic Arts have all adopted November 7 as the game’s official annual holiday due to Commander Shepard’s N7 military designation. And tomorrow’s upcoming N7 day will give fans even more to celebrate. EA has already revealed plans to bring many Mass Effect voice actors together for a live video […]

How to stay Agile with a globally distributed workforce

As the Agile Manifesto approaches its 20th anniversary, it’s a good time to reflect on the technological revolution that followed. It sparked a milestone moment in the software development industry, outlining new values and principles that could be built on and carried forth in the pursuit of more effective, documented, data-driven development. The manifesto wasn’t […]

Take-Two bids to buy Dirt 5 publisher Codemasters for $973.8 million

Take-Two Interactive Software has made a bid to buy Dirt 5 publisher Codemasters for $973.8 million. Grand Theft Auto publisher Take-Two hasn’t completed a deal yet, but it has made an offer, and it confirmed an announcement by the board of directors of United Kingdom-based Codemasters about the bid. It’s another sign of consolidation in […]

What Biden will and won’t be able to achieve on climate change

Though the counts aren’t finished and the legal challenges could drag on for weeks, Joe Biden’s victory in the US presidential election is looking increasingly likely. If he does triumph, it will also be a win for action on climate change. But his ability to push through any sweeping legislation will be seriously constrained if, […]

Codemasters: UK games firm to sell to Take-Two

“Take-Two believes that the combination of Take-Two and Codemasters would bring together two world-class interactive entertainment portfolios, with a highly complementary fit between 2K and Codemasters in the racing genre,” Take-Two said, referencing the Take-Two video game publisher 2K, which counts many sports titles among its catalogue. Credit: Source link

ProBeat: Net Applications will no longer track the browser wars

For more than a decade, I’ve used Net Applications’ NetMarketShare tool to track the desktop browser and operating system markets. The monthly reports have been critical in gauging which browsers and new versions of operating systems are gaining or losing market share. This week, Net Applications released its final NetMarketShare report. The loss could not […]

Facebook claims its proposed payments network is 7 times faster than Visa’s

As work continues on Novi, Facebook’s digital wallet the company hopes will one day be used to access currencies in the blockchain-based payment system Libra, semblances of a framework have emerged from new research published in AFT ’20: Proceedings of the 2nd ACM Conference on Advances in Financial Technologies. A paper coauthored by scientists at […]

Tesla launches $250 Tequila, runs out in hours

(Reuters) – Tesla Inc Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk made good on his promise to sell “Tesla Tequila” – two years after teasing the plan in a tweet, and the $250 bottles quickly flew off the virtual shelf. Pictures revealed a sleek, lightning bolt-shaped bottle, a lot different than what Musk teased when he touted […]

New – Archive and Replay Events with Amazon EventBridge

Event-driven architectures use events to share information between the components of one or more applications. Events tell us that “something has happened”, maybe you received an API request, a file has been uploaded to a storage platform, or a database record has been updated. Business events describe something related to your activities, for example that […]