Republicans spent millions on last-minute voting ads on Facebook

On midnight of October 26, Facebook stopped accepting all new advertisements about “social issues, elections or politics in the US.” The intention was to prevent Facebook from being overwhelmed by a blitz of last minute ads that would require fact-checking, and to limit the ability of political groups to sow confusion or violence. Advertisers were […]

Inrupt launches Enterprise Solid Server to restore trust in data

Inrupt, the startup co-founded by world wide web inventor Tim Berners-Lee, announced that it is releasing the first enterprise-ready version of a Solid Server – Inrupt ESS, to fundamentally change how organizations connect people with their data and create value together.  Solid is a proposed set of conventions and tools for building decentralized social applications […]

Sensor Tower: Among Us surpasses 217 million downloads on mobile

The mobile version of Among Us has passed the 217 million-download mark, according to market analyst Sensor Tower. Among Us is out for PC and mobile. While the PC version cost $5, it is free on iOS and Android. Debuting in 2018, Among Us became a bit hit this year as people played more games […]

Welcome to AWS Storage Day 2020

Our first-ever Storage Day in November 2019 (Welcome to AWS Storage Day) was a big success. We were able to take a multitude of significant announcements related to AWS Storage services and summarize them in a single post, with longer and more detailed posts as needed. Today, we are doing it again, so welcome to […]

Biden calls for major investments into carbon removal

President-elect Joe Biden wasted little time setting a new tone on climate change. On Sunday, one day after major outlets called the presidential election for the former vice president, the Biden-Harris transition team released documents laying out the incoming administration’s early priorities, including a blueprint for “tackling the climate crisis.” Most of the details were […]

Taking action for the common good

In 1979, a federally commissioned study led by meteorology pioneer and MIT professor Jule Charney helped alert the world to the processes driving global warming—at the time, a looming but not yet imminent threat. Today, climate change is no longer a challenge for some distant future; it is a present and accelerating crisis requiring swift, […]

S3 Intelligent-Tiering Adds Archive Access Tiers

We launched S3 Intelligent-Tiering two years ago, which added the capability to take advantage of S3 without needing to have a deep understanding of your data access patterns. Today we are launching two new optimizations for S3 Intelligent-Tiering that will automatically archive objects that are rarely accessed. These new optimizations will reduce the amount of […]

Sam & Max Save the World gets remastered for Switch and PC

Skunkape Games announced today that it is remastering Sam & Max Save the World for Switch and PC on December 2. Save the World is a point-and-click adventure game that debuted in 2006 through a series of six episodic releases. The now defunct Telltale Games developed it. Former Telltale staff make up Skunkape, which acquired […]