The RetroBeat: 20 years of Final Fantasy IX, the best Final Fantasy

I know that all us, myself included, are preoccupied by the next-gen (I guess they’re the current gen now) consoles. But I found out that today is the 20th anniversary of the North American release of Final Fantasy IX, which debuted on the original PlayStation on November 13, 2000. I love Final Fantasy. Back in […]

How service virtualization helped Alaska Airlines straighten up and fly right

Airlines are all about safety. That’s their number one concern. And what they do to help predict that planes will take off and arrive safely is to run different scenarios based on variances in the weight of the plane and the fuel it would consume to test for safety. But Ryan Papineau, a senior software […]

Apple blamed IBM and Intel for Mac chip delays, but TSMC won’t be next

What happens when the world’s most ambitious mobile chip designer is constrained by the production capacity of its only chip manufacturing partner? Thanks to Apple’s introduction of M1 chips for Macs this week, we might soon find out, but leading chip fabricator TSMC won’t be the one to blame. It’s not hyperbole to state that […]

Data Analysis for Business Efficiency

Today’s business world is full of buzzwords, and few are as prominent as data analytics. As workplaces have become increasingly digital, companies have access to broader, more varied range. By analyzing this information, businesses can find ways to improve in virtually every aspect of their operations.One of data analytics’ most significant strengths is in improving […]

Amazon Textract adds handwriting recognition and support for new languages

Amazon today announced small enhancements to Textract, its service that extracts printed text and other data from documents, as well as tables and forms, using machine learning. As of today, Textract now supports handwriting in English documents, in addition to files typed in Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, and Italian. Amazon rightly notes that many documents, […]

Researchers investigate why popular AI algorithms classify objects by texture, not by shape

In a paper accepted to the 2020 NeurIPS conference, Google and Stanford researchers explore the bias exhibited by certain kinds of computer vision algorithms — convolutional neural networks (CNNs) — trained on the open source ImageNet dataset. Unlike humans, ImageNet-trained CNNs tend to classify images by texture rather than by shape. Their work indicates that […]

ProBeat: Google still needs you to label photos for its ML

Google this week ended its free unlimited Google Photos storage offer, effective June 1, 2021 (photos uploaded before then will not count against the 15GB cap). The internet collectively lost its mind. Some called the move a classic bait and switch (lure users into uploading their entire photo library with the promise of free storage, […]

US election official: Trump’s misinformation is dangerous and lacks any credibility

On Thursday, President Donald Trump sent an all-caps tweet claiming that voting machines from a company called Dominion Voting Systems had deleted millions of votes for him around the country. The claim isn’t true, but he is the president—so it has had an impact. Election workers say they fear for their safety. They’re receiving death […]