Multi-Region Replication Now Enabled for AWS Managed Microsoft Active Directory

Our customers build applications that need to serve users that live in all corners of the world. When listening to our customers, they told us that whilst they were comfortable building Active Directory (AD) aware applications on AWS, making them work globally can be a real challenge. Customers told us that AWS Directory Service for […]

5 Fun Ways to Keep Family Connections Strong (and Secure) This Holiday 

5 Fun Ways to Keep Family Connections Strong (and Secure) This Holiday The reality is beginning to hit: The holiday season will look and feel different this year. Traditional family gatherings, complete with mile-long dinner tables and flag football games, are now considered COVID “super spreader” events, putting a dent in plans for large gatherings. […]

The move from RDBMS to NoSQL requires optimizing over time

Businesses are quickly moving to NoSQL databases to meet performance and scalability requirements that today’s troves of data demand. The shift from relational database management systems (RDBMS) to NoSQL is becoming increasingly prevalent.  “Most applications that we see go to NoSQL are Greenfield, but we’ve also started to see more migrations recently from relational backends […]

Roblox files for IPO, a first for user-generated game platforms

User-generated game platform Roblox publicly disclosed its filing to go public on the U.S. stock market. The company did not say how much it is raising, nor its valuation. CNBC previously reported that the company could go public early next year at an $8 billion valuation. Roblox said earlier that it filed a confidential draft registration […]

AMD CEO Lisa Su gets chip industry’s highest honor

Advanced Micro Devices CEO Lisa Su has received the chip industry’s highest honor as the 2020 recipient of the Robert N. Noyce Award. The Semiconductor Industry Association, the chip industry lobbying group, gave her the award in an online ceremony today. Normally, the event takes place in San Jose, California, and has about 1,000 attendees. […]

TopCoder announces its 2020 innovation award winners

The crowdsourcing company TopCoder announced the winners of its 2020 innovation awards, which were designed to recognize customers and individuals who did exceptional work on the TopCoder platform and within the community. The awards spanned six categories: cutting edge, enterprise resiliency, power user, public sector, program of the year, and the Wipro partnership award.  And […]

Hitman studio’s Project 007 gives me hope for James Bond in games again

The more I think about it, the stranger late-’90s gaming feels. As a 14-year-old, I would have friends come over to my home to play local multiplayer games on the Nintendo 64. And that all seems so distant and foreign during 2020 and this pandemic. But at the time, it was always fun thanks in […]

The promise of the fourth industrial revolution

The technology behind the First Industrial Revolution was water and steam power, which mechanized textile production. The innovation made factories commonplace, which brought more people to cities and caused social upheaval. In the second, electric power made mass production possible. The third was based on semiconductors, which facilitated the data processing that automated production and […]

Google’s Project Guideline uses AI to help low-vision users navigate running courses

In collaboration with nonprofit organization Guiding Eyes for the Blind, Google today piloted an AI system called Project Guideline, designed to help blind and low-vision people run races independently with just a smartphone. Using an app that tracked the virtual race via GPS and a Google-designed harness that delivered audio prompts to indicate the location […]

US emissions plummeted this year – for all the wrong reasons

The good news: US greenhouse-gas emissions are on track to fall 9% this year, marking the lowest levels of climate pollution in at least three decades, according to the research group BloombergNEF. The bad news: The dramatic decline is almost entirely attributable to the pandemic-driven economic downturn, not to any fundamental and lasting shifts in […]