McAfee Team Members Share Their Virtual Onboarding Experiences

At McAfee, ensuring our new team members are well prepared and supported for their roles is a top priority. From the first day of onboarding, team members are nurtured and given the tools they need for successful development. McAfee’s traditional in-person orientation process has evolved virtually because of the pandemic. But the approach and goal […]

3 Obscure Challenges Companies Face when Implementing AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have been making their way into pretty much every single industry, as the ability for companies to track their progress and analyze data at the push of a button certainly has mass appeal for both its convenience and potential to save money. In hospitals, robot assisted surgeries are becoming […]

Environment-free computing company Gravitational rebrands as Teleport

Gravitational changed its name to Teleport and released the Teleport Unified Access Plane.  “The decision to formally change our name to Teleport supports the natural evolution that our company has followed from the point it was founded – to create software for engineers that allows them to quickly access any resource anywhere,” said Ev Kontsevoy, […]

IBM claims its AI can improve neonatal outcomes and predict the onset of Type 1 diabetes

IBM this week presented research investigating how AI and machine learning could be used to improve maternal health in developing countries and predict the onset and progression of Type 1 diabetes. In a study funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, IBM researchers built models to analyze demographic datasets from African countries, finding “data-supported” […]

App testing: how companies are getting it right — and wrong

As we enter the fourth quarter of an explosively eventful year, important trends are emerging within the app testing industry – trends that will surely extend into 2021. The most important is the accelerated pace at which companies are moving to the cloud. The speed-up is being driven by the need to support remote teams […]

Amazon, Codefresh, GitHub, Microsoft, and Weaveworks launch the GitOps Working Group

As the GitOps trend continues to take hold of the software development community, a group of technology companies are banding together to provide developers with the necessary skills. Amazon, Codefresh, GitHub, Microsoft, and Weaveworks announced the GitOps Working Group. This is an open Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) project inside the fluxcd GitHub organization.  The […]

ProBeat: Google will eventually sell ads against your financial data

Google this week unveiled a major redesign of Google Pay for Android and iOS. The app is meant to take on not just Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, but also PayPal, Venmo, and Mint all in one. That’s not all. Google also announced partnerships with 11 U.S. banks and credit unions to launch a mobile-first […]

Google proposes applying AI to patent application generation and categorization

Google asserts that the patent industry stands to benefit from AI and machine learning models like BERT, a natural language processing algorithm that attained state-of-the-art results when it was released in 2018. In a whitepaper published today, the tech giant outlines a methodology to train a BERT model on over 100 million patent publications from […]

Amazon pilot lifts stock exchanges into the cloud

By Huw Jones LONDON (Reuters) – A pilot by online giant Amazon and two stock exchanges showed how moving share trading from costly physical servers to cloud computing could save money and reduce the potential for outages, the companies said on Friday. The Singapore Exchange SGX, London-based Aquis Exchange and Amazon Web Services said they […]

TypeScript 4.1 comes packed with new features

The latest version of Microsoft’s programming language TypeScript is now available. TypeScript 4.1 introduced a number of new features, such as template literal types, key remapping in mapped types, and recursive conditional types. String literal types allow developers to model functions which expect a specific set of strings. Template literal strings can be used to […]