Biden names John Kerry climate czar, in a recommitment to global cooperation

President-elect Joe Biden named John Kerry to the newly created role of climate czar, a move that underscores the incoming administration’s commitment to an international-focused approach to the issue and recognition of its strategic importance. Kerry, the former secretary of state, is a diplomatic heavyweight who helped piece together the landmark Paris climate agreement during […]

China launches its first ever mission to bring moon rocks back to Earth

China launched its Chang’e 5 mission to the moon early Tuesday morning local time from the country’s launch site on Hainan Island in the South China Sea. The country is seeking to bring soil and rock samples from the lunar surface back to Earth for the first time in its history, for scientific study.  What’s […]

Some prominent exposure apps are slowly rolling back freedoms

According to reports, education minister Lawrence Wong said that the country believes 70% adoption could help push it to its next level of reopening, phase three—but that this could be achieved only through legal compulsion. “When we have both a higher take-up rate of TraceTogether and wider deployment of TraceTogether-only SafeEntry … and community transmission […]

Demon’s Souls review – A stunning, player-punishing PS5 powerhouse

The first thing that strikes you in Demon’s Souls isn’t the business end of a bastard sword, but the PlayStation 5 launch title’s stunning visual presentation. You might not expect a cursed kingdom consumed in thick fog to be the ideal showcase for the new system’s graphical prowess, but I’d argue its default murkiness makes […]

This is how we’ll merge with AI

The relationship between humans and AI is something of a dance. We and AI come close together operating collaboratively, then are pushed away by the impossibility, only to stumble but return attracted by the potential. It is perhaps fitting that the dance community is beginning to embrace robots, with AI helping to create new movements […]

Big Data Marketing is Vital for App Development Companies

Big data plays a critical role in the app development field. However, some developers get fixated on the integration of data in the app itself, without regard for the big data applications of the overall business model. Big data is more important for app developers as they try to carve a share of the increasingly […]