A deep dive into high-cardinality anomaly detection in Elasticsearch

In May 2020, we announced the general availability of real-time anomaly detection for Elasticsearch. With that release we leveraged the Random Cut Forest (RCF) algorithm to identify anomalous behaviors in the multi-dimensional data streams generated by Elasticsearch queries. We focused on aggregation first, to enable our users to quickly and accurately detect anomalies in their […]

PUBG keeps winning the influencer battle royale

As esports gain momentum and continues to increase audience sizes, brands are leaning into activations with gaming influencers. But which ones are having the most success when it comes to generating engagement and influence from sponsored content? This article is part of our series leveraging influencer marketing platform CreatorIQ’s Share of Influence report, which reveals […]

Introducing Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow (MWAA)

As the volume and complexity of your data processing pipelines increase, you can simplify the overall process by decomposing it into a series of smaller tasks and coordinate the execution of these tasks as part of a workflow. To do so, many developers and data engineers use Apache Airflow, a platform created by the community […]

The PlayStation 5 DualSense’s best feature isn’t the haptics or triggers

One of the biggest elements of the PlayStation 5 that owners continue to hype up as it gets into more people’s hands is the DualSense controller. This new gamepad is wowing players with its haptic rumble and adaptive triggers. But while those features are exciting, they weren’t what impressed me the most. The technology that […]

The Zoom-fatigued person’s guide to connecting virtually on Thanksgiving

Plan ahead, try different things, and buy some stamps One size doesn’t fit all. Families should use multiple mediums over the course of the holidays to connect with each other, says Lisa Brown, a director of the trauma program and Risk and Resilience Research Lab at Palo Alto University. “I would not encourage family members […]

Optimizing Spark applications with workload partitioning in AWS Glue

AWS Glue provides a serverless environment to prepare (extract and transform) and load large amounts of datasets from a variety of sources for analytics and data processing with Apache Spark ETL jobs. This posts discusses a new AWS Glue Spark runtime optimization that helps developers of Apache Spark applications and ETL jobs, big data architects, […]

Razer Kaira Pro review — Another solid all-around gaming headset

It’s my opinion that if you spend $150 on a gaming headset, you should get one that is versatile enough to also work as your regular daily headphones. Audiophiles will want to buy dedicated headphones for specific situations, but I don’t think that applies to most of us. I want the headphones I buy to […]

EU says it could be self-sufficient in electric vehicle batteries by 2025

By Kate Abnett BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The European Union could produce enough batteries by 2025 to power its fast-growing fleet of electric vehicles without relying on imported cells, European Commission Vice President Maros Sefcovic said on Tuesday. As part of its plan to become climate neutral by 2050, the EU wants to boost local production […]