8BitDo Arcade Stick review — A feature-packed fight stick for Switch

I don’t use fight sticks very often, but I do like just about everything that 8BitDo makes. So when the company sent over the 8BitDo Arcade Stick, I was happy to give it a look. It’s available now for $90 on Amazon, and it’s a great way to bring some arcade flavor into your home […]

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin sells 500,000 copies less than a month after launch

Publisher Xseed Games announced today that Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin has now sold over 500,000 copies. Sakuna debuted on November 10. It is available on Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC. The game combines 2D sidescrolling action with farming sim elements. Indie developer Edelweiss, who also made the 2014 shoot-’em-up Astebreed, created Sakuna. Xseed publishes […]

Studio MDHR will delay Cuphead’s The Delicious Last Course DLC

Studio MDHR announced in a tweet that it has delayed the release of its Cuphead downloadable content, dubbed The Delicious Last Course. The Canadian game studio said it made the difficult decision amid the pandemic to delay the DLC to an unspecified date. In a letter, cofounders Chad and Jared Moldenhauer said, “In true Studio […]

EU plans to open data to sharing in bid to rival Asia and U.S.

By Marine Strauss BRUSSELS (Reuters) – In an effort to avoid EU firms and citizens relying on data from Asian and U.S rivals, the European Commission is proposing new rules to allow sharing of public and personal data with businesses and research organisations. The European Union executive hopes that this could lead to improvements ranging […]

Best practices for consuming Amazon Kinesis Data Streams using AWS Lambda

Many organizations are processing and analyzing clickstream data in real time from customer-facing applications to look for new business opportunities and identify security incidents in real time. A common practice is to consolidate and enrich logs from applications and servers in real time to proactively identify and resolve failure scenarios and significantly reduce application downtime. […]

Spaceflight does some weird things to astronauts’ bodies

“The Twins Study gave us a first sketch of the human body’s molecular responses to spaceflight, but these outlines needed to be filled in,” says Christopher Mason, an associate professor of physiology and biophysics at Weill Cornell Medicine. “The changes we saw needed more context and replication. We needed additional studies to map out the […]

SD Times news digest: GitLab 13.6 released, JetBrains DataGrip 2020.3 released, Amazon Managed Workflows available on Apache Airflow

GitLab 13.6 includes Auto-Deploy to Amazon EC2 using Auto DevOps without using Kubernetes, and a usage trends dashboard.  With the code quality severity included within the merge request and the Full Code Quality Report, users can now quickly determine which code quality violations are critical to resolve before merging.   Updates to the Project Security Dashboard […]

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: etcd

This week’s highlighted open-source project is etcd, which is a key-value store that provides a reliable way to store data needing to be accessed by a distributed system.  Key features of the project include its simple interface, key-value storage, the ability to watch specific keys or directories for changes, optional SSL client certificate authentication, optional […]

Be Digitally-ready in the post-pandemic world with the Digital Workplace Solution

Natural disasters, man-made disasters, pandemics, etc., are show stoppers to seamless business activity, state office transactions, and schooling. However, the show must go on as even one day of stopping the business activity results in unsurmountable loss. The Digital Workplace solution is the way forward in the future. It offers a future-proof solution such that […]