Ethical AI isn’t the same as trustworthy AI, and that matters

Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions are facing increased scrutiny due to their aptitude for amplifying both good and bad decisions. More specifically, for their propensity to expose and heighten existing societal biases and inequalities. It is only right, then, that discussions of ethics are taking center stage as AI adoption increases. In lockstep with ethics comes […]

A virtual company-wide hackathon is worth the investment

At our annual company retreat, we usually run a hackathon for our dev team. But this year (at our virtual retreat), we decided to expand the hackathon framework to the entire company. We took the basic premise of the hackathon — deep work on a single project — and used it to accelerate our progress […]

It’s Time to Stop Sharing Your Passwords With Your Partner

You use long passphrases with letters and numbers. You’re careful to make sure your passwords are always unique. But there may be one threat to your digital security that you haven’t fully considered: love. WIRED UK This story originally appeared on WIRED UK. While everyone should know that sharing login credentials is a big security […]

Tesla could widen release of 'self-driving' software in two weeks

(Reuters) – Tesla Inc Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk said on Friday there will probably be a wider roll out of a new “Full Self Driving” software update in two weeks. In October, Tesla released a beta, or test version, of what it calls a “Full Self Driving” software upgrade to an undisclosed number of […]