Why I invert the camera controls in video games: Empathy

Science is finally studying the beautiful minds of inverted gamers. Dr. Jennifer Corbett is the co-head of Brunel University’s Visual Perception and Attention Lab in London, and she’s planning to study people who invert the Y or X axis when controlling a camera in a video game, according to a report from The Guardian. Her […]

Data Observability: How to Fix Your Broken Data Pipelines

While the technologies and techniques for analyzing, aggregating, and modeling data have largely kept pace with the demands of the modern data organization, our ability to tackle broken data pipelines has lagged behind. So, how can we identify, remediate, and even prevent this all-too-common problem before it becomes a massive headache? The answer lies in […]

re:Invent 2020 Liveblog: Partner Keynote

AWS News Blog Team The AWS News Blog team comprises developer advocates from around the world. It includes Jeff Barr, Martin Beeby, Alex Casalboni, Harunobu Kameda, Danilo Poccia, Steve Roberts, Julien Simon, Marcia Villalba, and Channy Yun. Credit: Source link

Scrum Guide updates: Back to its roots

Two motivations drove the update to the Scrum Guide, which was delivered last month. The original creators of Scrum — Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland — described their goals:  To provide better support for the growing number of teams using Scrum outside of Software Development. Scrum is being used by product teams working on problems […]

Web Summit: Oculus co-founder talks China and military AI

“A lot of companies have financial and PR incentives to stay out of military work, so they’re happy to use these employees as a scapegoat to say ‘we’re listening to our employees’, which contributes to this idea that workers of Silicon Valley and other tech hubs are universally opposed to this idea,” he said. Credit: […]

Controlling data lake access across multiple AWS accounts using AWS Lake Formation

When deploying data lakes on AWS, you can use multiple AWS accounts to better separate different projects or lines of business. In this post, we see how the AWS Lake Formation cross-account capabilities simplify securing and managing distributed data lakes across multiple accounts through a centralized approach, providing fine-grained access control to the AWS Glue […]

Making the workplace safer with innovative covid-19-fighting solutions

As businesses of all sizes welcome a fearful and anxious workforce back to the office, they are simultaneously challenged with ensuring a safe work environment. The stark reality facing business owners still navigating the covid-19 pandemic is the diligence required to limit infectious spread.  Corporations are taking note: plexiglass barriers, clearly marked walkways, and hand-sanitizing […]

Gartner’s 13 worst EA practices

There has been a resurgence of enterprise architecture practices, and Gartner wants to make sure enterprises get it right this time. According to the research firm, enterprise architecture previously didn’t provide any business value and “crashed and burned” in 2012 is because organizations were not looking at the bigger picture.  “Despite best efforts, many EA […]

Podcast: Facial recognition is quietly being used to control access to housing and social services

Facial recognition technology is being deployed in housing projects, homeless shelters, schools, even across entire cities—usually without much fanfare or discussion. To some, this represents a critical technology for helping vulnerable communities gain access to social services. For others, it’s a flagrant invasion of privacy and violation of human dignity. In this episode, we speak […]