Preparing data for ML models using AWS Glue DataBrew in a Jupyter notebook

AWS Glue DataBrew is a new visual data preparation tool that makes it easy for data analysts and data scientists to clean and normalize data to prepare it for analytics and machine learning (ML). In this post, we examine a sample ML use case and show how to use DataBrew and a Jupyter notebook to […]

As key leadership leaves, BioWare pushes ahead on Dragon Age 4 and Mass Effect

BioWare executives Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah are leaving the studio, according to blog posts from Hudson and Darrah as well as from publisher Electronic Arts. The companies were quick to reassure fans that these departures will not disrupt the announced plans for upcoming BioWare projects. These include the recently announced Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, […]

A leading AI ethics researcher says she’s been fired from Google

On Thursday morning, after an outpouring of support for Gebru on social media, Dean sent an internal email to Google’s AI group with his account of the situation. He said that Gebru’s paper “didn’t meet our bar for publication” because “it ignored too much relevant research.” He also said that Gebru’s conditions included “revealing the […]

This ‘Magical Bug’ Exposed Any iPhone in a Hacker’s Wi-Fi Range

A hack that let an attacker take full remote control of iPhones without user interaction is bad enough. One that can also then spread automatically from one iPhone to the next is practically unheard of. But a report published this week by Ian Beer of Google’s Project Zero bug-hunting team lays out a sinister yet […]

Unreal Engine’s new update makes it easier to create realistic hair and fur

Epic Games has launched Unreal Engine 4.26 today. It adds a lot of new features to the popular graphics and game-making engine, but one is sure to raise more than a few hairs. Unreal Engine 4.26 introduces Hair and Fur. The new feature will make it easier to create realistic hair, fur, and even feathers […]

WWE Undefeated launches on iOS and Android

WWE Undefeated is the latest mobile game based on the giant wrestling (although they’d probably rather I say “sports entertainment”) company. WWE has had success in the mobile space with hits like WWE Supercard and WWE Champions. This new free-to-play app is a fighting game, and it officially launched today for iOS and Android devices. […]

How Leyline plans to help gamers make the world better

The game industry has been having a good 2020. The rest of the world can’t say the same. Leyline wants to help balance that. Leyline is a nonprofit that can give folks in-game rewards and other goods like gift cards in exchange for charitable deeds. This could include donating time, blood, or even your computer’s […]

Report finds the CSS ecosystem is going through a renewal with new features

CSS users have a lot to reconsider when it comes to the changes this year, according to the recently released State of CSS 2020 report. The report found that CSS has “seen a surge of new features” over the last couple of years. “Forget everything you know about CSS. Or at least, be ready to […]

Microsoft’s Nudge service leverages AI to speed up completion of pull requests

Microsoft is using AI to accelerate pull requests — the feature that lets developers tell others about changes they’ve made to code — toward completion by reminding authors to engage with their overdue requests. That’s according to a new whitepaper published this week detailing Nudge, an end-to-end service that leverages models based on effort estimation […]

Intel showcases neuromorphic computing innovations at Labs Day

Today during its Labs Day expo, Intel shared an update on progress within the Intel Neuromorphic Research Community (INRC), the ecosystem of over 100 academic groups, government labs, research institutions, and companies founded in 2018 to further neuromorphic computing. Intel and the INRC claim to have achieved breakthroughs in applying neuromorphic hardware to a range […]