“You can’t just give people more data and expect them to act differently”

Digital contact tracing apps first emerged early in the pandemic. They’d let you know if you’d been around anyone who had tested positive, and they worked on a regular personal smartphone. So far, they haven’t been a silver bullet, and they’ve faced criticism over usability, privacy, and more. But they’re low-cost tools based on technology […]

Shippit raises $22 million to automate ecommerce shipping tasks

Sydney-based shipping logistics platform Shippit today nabbed AU$30 million (approximately $22 million), bringing its total raised to date to over $31 million. The company says the proceeds will be put toward supporting Shippit’s expansion in Southeast Asia as well as  growing the team of engineers based out of the startup’s Sydney development hub. The pandemic […]

Uber sells off its self-driving division to autonomous car startup Aurora

Self-driving car startup Aurora today announced that it’s acquiring Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group, the ride-hailing company’s driverless vehicle division, for an undisclosed amount. (A source tells CNBC the deal is valued at around $4 billion.) As a part of the sale, Uber — whose CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, will join Aurora’s board of directors — says […]

2020: COVID-19 and the year that wasn’t

The year 2020 started much like every other year: software development shops were humming, in-person conferences attracted large crowds, moves to the cloud and for businesses to take on new software delivery initiatives were continuing apace. Then we hit March. The explosion of the novel coronavirus would redefine how, when and where we work. The […]

Researchers are starting to refuse to review Google AI papers

Computer scientists in AI are beginning to refuse to review Google AI research until Google changes its stance on former AI ethics co-lead Timnit Gebru. Reviewers who select research for publication at academic conferences work on a voluntary basis to support the scientific community and are typically chosen based on their experience and expertise. According […]

Thousands more back Dr Timnit Gebru over Google ‘sacking’

Signed by staff at Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Netflix as well as several scientists from London-based AI company DeepMind – owned by Google parent company Alphabet – the open letter urges Google to explain why the paper was rejected. Credit: Source link

Web Data Scraping with AI is More Important than Ever

The latest innovation in the proxy service market makes every data gathering operation quicker and easier than ever before. Since the market for big data is expected to reach $243 billion by 2027, savvy business owners will need to find ways to invest in big data. Artificial intelligence is rapidly changing the process for collecting […]

SaaS Platforms to Help Kickstart a Small Business

COVID-19 has dealt small- to mid-size businesses a hard blow in 2020. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, small businesses declined by 22 percent — a loss of 3.3 million businesses at the beginning of the pandemic, spanning February to April.  Those numbers are daunting, but research also shows that as the pandemic […]

re:Invent 2020 Liveblog: Machine Learning Keynote

AWS News Blog Team The AWS News Blog team comprises developer advocates from around the world. It includes Jeff Barr, Martin Beeby, Alex Casalboni, Harunobu Kameda, Danilo Poccia, Steve Roberts, Julien Simon, Marcia Villalba, and Channy Yun. Credit: Source link