What Big Tech and Big Tobacco research funding have in common

Amid declining sales and evidence that smoking causes lung cancer, in the 1950s tobacco companies undertook PR campaigns to reinvent themselves as socially responsible and to shape public opinions. They also started funding research into the relationship between health and tobacco. Now, Big Tech companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google are following the same playbook […]

DevOps practices continued to morph and expand in 2020

The practice of DevOps — bringing Agile development together with changes in infrastructure for running cloud-native applications — has changed the development industry over the last decade. And it has done its job well. A Fortune Business Insights report released in January of this year projected the size of the DevOps tools market will reach […]

EU drugs regulator confirms data breach in cyber attack

(Reuters) – Europe’s drugs regulator confirmed on Friday data had been breached in a cyber attack that was disclosed days before, while adding that a limited number of third-party documents were unlawfully accessed. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) had not provided any details on Wednesday, when it disclosed the cyber attack, but Pfizer Inc and […]

Big tech firms to face 6% fines if breach new EU content rules

By Foo Yun Chee BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Big tech firms such as Google and Facebook will face fines of up to 6% of turnover if they do not do more to tackle illegal content and reveal more about advertising on their platforms under draft European Union rules. The EU’s tough line, which is due to […]

Subway customers receive ‘malware’ emails

The problem was earlier reported by computer security news site Bleeping Computer, which said it had found a form of malware called TrickBot in the malicious links the email encourages users to click. Credit: Source link

Google, Slack, Zoom, and others form Modern Computing Alliance

A number of companies, including Google, Slack, and Zoom, are coming together to launch the Modern Computing Alliance. The goal of the alliance is to address IT challenges that companies are facing across the entire technology stack, from silicon to cloud. Their mission is to “drive ‘silicon-to-cloud’ innovation for the benefit of enterprise customers—fueling a […]

How nonprofits are transforming their remote programming to support girls in STEM

The pandemic has necessitated virtual transitions for not only schools, but also nonprofits that provide alternate ways to learn and build community. Girls Who Code, AnitaB.org, and the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) are still working to close the gender gap in technology. In providing resources for women and girls in STEM, […]

Report: Organizations are taking too long to apply open-source security patches

A recent report found that while open-source software is top of mind for organizations, they fail to apply security patches in a timely manner. The DevSecOps Practices and Open Source Management in 2020 report by the Synopsys Cybersecurity Research Center found 51% of respondents take up to two to three weeks on average to apply […]

The DeanBeat: The Game Awards show gaming’s past and future

The Game Awards always inspires me to think about the possibilities of gaming. The show looks into the past year, which now seems like a century ago, to review all the games that deserve awards. And it looks ahead with world premieres that promise us good things to come. The games that show up in […]