CD Projekt Red risked the reputations of others to insulate Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is out, and it’s the only thing people can talk about. But while many people are playing and enjoying it, many others are encountering a game that is broken and buggy — especially on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Over the past week, developer CD Projekt Red has tried to apologize to fans, […]

New framework can train a robotic arm on 6 grasping tasks in less than an hour

Advances in machine learning have given rise to a range of robotics capabilities including grasping, pushing, pulling, and other object manipulation skills. However, general-purpose algorithms to date have been extremely sample-inefficient, limiting their applicability to the real world. Spurred on by this, researchers at the University of California, Berkely developed a framework — Framework for […]

Why cloud vendors are investing in new sources of compute power

In 2014, data was declared the “oil of the digital economy,” and the analogy remained accurate until recently. In 2020, however, data reflected oil only in the parallels to the 2020 oil glut — too much production, not enough consumption, and the wholesale commoditization of storage. Today, the overriding demand is for data’s refined end product — business […]

Microsoft will build Inventec’s private 5G networks for smart manufacturing

Microsoft hasn’t been shy about expanding its role in 5G networks, as it has worked for the last two years to expand Azure’s footprint to 5G carriers and enterprises alike. Today, its networking subsidiary Affirmed Networks announced a significant win in the growing private 5G space, as the companies are now supplying technology solutions manufacturer […]

China just brought moon rocks back to Earth for the first time in 44 years

New science awaits: While Apollo-era moon rocks are estimated to be about 3 to 4 billion years old, the material collected by Chang’e 5 is from a site in the northwest region of the moon’s near side called Mons Rükmer. This area was formed more recently, and the rocks here are thought to be only […]

At NeurIPS 2020, researchers proposed faster, more efficient alternatives to backpropagation

In the 1960s, academics including Virginia Polytechnic Institute professor Henry J. Kelley, Stanford University’s Arthur E. Bryson, and Stuart Dreyfus at the University of California, Berkeley arrived at the theory of backpropagation. It’s an algorithm which would later become widely used to train neural networks, the computing systems vaguely inspired by the biological neural networks […]

WhatsApp rumours fear over BAME Covid vaccine take up

“People send WhatsApps, videos, all kinds of messages – if you don’t know where that’s coming from then it is very likely to be inaccurate,” said the vaccine deployment minister, Mr Zahawi, asking people to look at health information from official sources rather than rumours. Credit: Source link

AWS unveils new chaos engineering tool: Fault Injection Simulator

AWS is enabling teams to address application weaknesses with the introduction of the AWS Fault Injection Simulator at is virtual AWS re:Invent 2020 conference this week.  The simulator is a chaos engineering tool expected to be generally available in 2021. According to the company, the new offering will come packed with pre-built templates for creating […]

Lyft, Motional to launch multi-city U.S. robotaxi service in 2023

By Paul Lienert DETROIT (Reuters) – Lyft Inc and Motional will launch a multi-city U.S. robotaxi service in 2023, the partners said on Wednesday. The driverless vehicles will be provided by Motional, a joint venture between Korean automaker Hyundai Motor Co and auto supplier Aptiv Plc, and will be based on a Hyundai platform. The […]

OctoML optimizes Apache TVM for Apple’s M1, beats Core ML 4 by 29%

Thanks to the 16-core Neural Engine in Apple’s new M1 chip, fast dedicated machine learning hardware is about to become commonplace in affordable Mac servers, desktops, and laptops — everything from business computers to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud instances. Today, machine learning optimization firm OctoML announced that it has already surpassed the performance of Apple’s latest […]