The quinoa evangelist | MIT Technology Review

In the early 1970s, Steve Gorad ’63 had a successful career as a clinical psychologist. He was in charge of the alcohol unit at Boston State Hospital and had a private practice, but he was restless. “It wasn’t enough,” he says. “I was a long-haired hippie writing [draft exemption] letters for people who didn’t want […]

Sustaining our mission, shaping the conversation

Looking back to the start of the pandemic, I am struck by our community’s formidable strength. In March 2020, we did not know what it would take to sustain MIT’s great mission through this crisis. Since then, we have found a way together, and we have made it work. That accomplishment belongs to every member […]

Slowing the spread | MIT Technology Review

From the choir rehearsal in Washington to family gatherings in Chicago, numerous covid-19 “superspreading” events have seen one person infect many others. MIT researchers who studied about 60 such events found that they have a much larger impact than expected.  “Superspreading events are likely more important than most of us had initially realized,” says senior […]

Life on Venus? | MIT Technology Review

The search for extraterrestrial life has largely focused on Mars, but scientists at MIT, Cardiff University, and elsewhere reported surprising findings in September of what may be signs of life in the clouds of Venus.  While Venus is similar to Earth in size, mass, and rocky composition, its surface temperatures reach 900 °F, and its […]

Supermassive award | MIT Technology Review

In October, astrophysicist Andrea Ghez ’87 became the fourth woman to win the Nobel Prize in Physics and the 38th in the list of MIT graduates with Nobels to their names.  Ghez, a professor at UCLA, and Reinhard Genzel, a professor emeritus at UC Berkeley, share half the prize for the discovery of a supermassive […]

Cooking without fire | MIT Technology Review

How did early humans prepare food before they mastered the use of fire? Research led by Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences professor Roger Summons has raised the intriguing possibility that they took advantage of hot springs for boiling.  Studying sediments deposited around 1.7 million years ago near Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania, where anthropologists have discovered […]

One-shot flu shot | MIT Technology Review

Each year, the flu vaccine has to be redesigned to account for new mutations. Researchers at MIT and the Ragon Institute of MIT, Mass. General, and Harvard are hoping for a better way. The problem is that while the vaccine prompts production of antibodies against the flu virus, those antibodies tend to target a viral […]

A final fall on campus

October 12, 2020—Today I ate lunch outside in Cambridge with three of my friends, all fellow Course 16 seniors. I’ve eaten countless lunches with them before: burritos in the Unified lounge, grain bowls at every picnic table in Kendall Square, sushi in the Stud, Chinese food in the lobby of the Koch building. This time […]

First-year fall, off campus | MIT Technology Review

October 6, 2020—My physics professor spilled his coffee today. A few comments popped up in the chat—Apparently today’s topic is fluid dynamics, kids—and the professor was smiling. I was smiling, too, but nobody knew; in a Zoom class of 30 students, there’s no nodding to a friend across the room. It was a nice moment, […]

Solving the social dilemma | MIT Technology Review

And such responses are precisely what bring in audiences and revenue. “The business models that run the social-media industrial complex have a lot to do with the outcomes we’re seeing,” Aral says. “It’s an attention economy, and businesses want you engaged. How do they get engagement? Well, they give you little dopamine hits, and … […]