Building high-quality benchmark tests for Amazon Redshift using Apache JMeter

In the introductory post of this series, we discussed benchmarking benefits and best practices common across different open-source benchmarking tools. As a reminder of why benchmarking is important, Amazon Redshift allows you to scale storage and compute independently, and for you to choose an appropriately balanced compute layer, you need to profile the compute requirements […]

IBM and Cognizant acquisitions cap a wave of IT services deals in 2020

With dual acquisitions from IBM and Cognizant announced today, there have now been well over 100 such deals this year involving IT services providers. IBM is acquiring Nordcloud, a provider of cloud computing services expertise, while Cognizant is acquiring Inawisdom, a privately held IT services provider that specializes in AI and data analytics. IBM’s acquisition of […]

DeepMind researchers claim neural networks can outperform neurosymbolic models

So-called neurosymbolic models, which combine algorithms with symbolic reasoning techniques, appear to be much better-suited to predicting, explaining, and considering counterfactual possibilities than neural networks. But researchers at DeepMind claim neural networks can outperform neurosymbolic models under the right testing conditions. In a preprint paper, coauthors describe an architecture for spatiotemporal reasoning about videos in […]

How A Device to Cloud Architecture Defends Against the SolarWinds Supply Chain Compromise

In a blog post released 13 Dec 2020, FireEye disclosed that threat actors compromised SolarWinds’s Orion IT monitoring and management software with a trojanized version of SoalrWinds.Orion.Core.BusinessLayer.dll delivered as part of a digitally-signed Windows Installer Patch. The trojanized file delivers a backdoor, dubbed SUNBURST by FireEye (and Solorigate by Microsoft), that communicates to third-party servers for […]

Studies reveal verified social media users are fueling COVID-19 fake news

The pandemic has given rise to social media accounts operated by malicious actors who aim to sow misinformation about COVID-19. As vaccination campaigns get underway, they threaten to stymie the push toward herd immunity around the world. Misinformation about masks and injections could contribute — and have contributed — to low adoption rates and increased […]

Podcast: Attention shoppers–you’re being tracked

In some stores, sophisticated systems are tracking customers in almost every imaginable way, from recognizing their faces to gauging their age, their mood, and virtually gussying them up with makeup. The systems rarely ask for people’s permission, and for the most part they don’t have to. In our season 1 finale, we look at the […]

Researchers details how a general-purpose network is required for interpreting code

Researchers at MIT found that reading code doesn’t activate the same parts of the brain as language processing, despite the similarities that the two tasks share such as learning new symbols and terms.  While it is more akin to the multiple demand network, which is often used for solving math problems or crossword puzzles, reading […]

Finally, True Unified Multi-Vector Data Protection in a Cloud World

This week, we announced the latest release of MVISION Unified Cloud Edge, which included a number of great data protection enhancements. With working patterns and data workflows dramatically changed in 2020, this release couldn’t be more timely. According to a report by Gartner earlier in 2020, 88% of organizations have encouraged or required employees to […]