Suspected Russian hackers made failed attempt to breach CrowdStrike, company says

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -The suspected Russian hackers blamed for breaking into a series of U.S. government agencies and cybersecurity company FireEye also made a failed attempt to hack into cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike, the Sunnyvale, California-based company said in a blog post. CrowdStrike said that it was alerted by Microsoft on Dec. 15 that the hackers had […]

Here’s what the ‘new normal’ remote sales stack looks like

There has been a sea change of late in B2B enterprise marketing and sales functions thanks to COVID-19. From events and travel to entertainment and in-person presentations, the emergence of remote collaboration and the new sales tech stack supporting these functions is replacing what was previously a cumbersome and often expensive on-site sales funnel. Recent […]

SD Times news digest: Cloudflare acquires Linc, Amazon launches AWS Glue custom connectors, ThreatStack now available for Ruby Gems and NPM

Cloudflare’s acquisition of Linc, the automation platform that helps front-end developers collaborate, will create seamless integration between Pages and Cloudflare Workers, a serverless execution environment. that allows users to create entirely new applications or augment. Linc offers a straightforward path to building end-to-end applications on Pages with both frontend and backend logic in one bundle. […]

Virtual events came of age in 2020, but the future is hybrid

“I really believe in the laziness of the human species — given a chance, we will optimize for the shortest path from A to B,” Lightspeed Venture’s Hemant Mohapatra told VentureBeat in an interview. He was responding to a question about how the pandemic has shaped expectations of what is possible with virtual events and whether […]

An AI reporter’s favorite books of 2020

The older I get, the more I wish I could stop time so I could read more books. Books that earn my time and attention are those that promise to enrich me as a person and deepen my understanding of AI for the work I do as senior AI staff writer at VentureBeat. This year, […]

Bloomberg acquires Second Measure to unlock transaction data insights

Bloomberg today announced that it has acquired data analytics platform Second Measure, a San Mateo-based startup that leverages big data to glean insights into consumer behavior and company performance. Founded in 2015, Second Measure has developed a self-serve analytics platform that supports real-time and daily metric tracking, using data from “billions of anonymized transactions,” including […]

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Micro

Micro is an API backend that allows developers to write code without worrying about managing backend services as well.  Micro’s team believes that developers should be empowered to build software at an accelerated pace without any limitations.  “Too much time is being lost on walking the maze that is the CNCF landscape. Too much time […]