GamesBeat Decides the game of the year

Nothing exemplifies the power of the human spirit through a tumultuous time like arguing about video games. And thankfully, GamesBeat is comprised of four heroes who are willing and ready to do just that. During a more than two hour online video conference, which you can watch in the video above, GamesBeat editors Mike Minotti, […]

Testing data quality at scale with PyDeequ

You generally write unit tests for your code, but do you also test your data? Incoming data quality can make or break your application. Incorrect, missing, or malformed data can have a large impact on production systems. Examples of data quality issues include the following: Missing values can lead to failures in production system that […]

You don’t code? Do machine learning straight from Microsoft Excel

Machine learning and deep learning have become an important part of many applications we use every day. There are few domains that the fast expansion of machine learning hasn’t touched. Many businesses have thrived by developing the right strategy to integrate machine learning algorithms into their operations and processes. Others have lost ground to competitors after […]

PGA Tour 2K21 interview: Back on the links

Some see PGA Tour 2K21 as a return of license golf to gaming. But really, it hadn’t disappeared. Since EA stopped its PGA series in 2015, HB Studios has published and been running The Golf Club and its sequel for PC and consoles. And when 2K acquired the pro golf license, it did a version […]

How Smart Data Hubs power digital transformations

Digital transformation is now vital to business survival, and an increasingly key element of digital transformation is real-time data. Digital integration hubs (DIHs), which are a type of Smart Data Hub, are increasingly being used as high-performance data access layers that provide real-time access to data from across the enterprise to power real-time business processes. […]

A Clairvoyant Look Back on 2021

In a lookback from the future, here is what happened in 2021 as reported on January 1, 2022. 2021 was the year that our world worked its way out of the 2020 pandemic and back to a new normal. Some societal changes are permanent. Even with a virus under control we still bump elbows and […]

The D20 Beat: My critical hits of 2020

The Witcher 3 is one of my favorite role-playing games of the past decade. The Witcher 2 is also a fantastic RPG. So far, Cyberpunk 2077 isn’t reaching those heights for me, though I never expected it to. So I don’t feel that sense of disappointment others do, though its spectacular dumpster fire last week […]

The immense potential and challenges of multimodal AI

Unlike most AI systems, humans understand the meaning of text, videos, audio, and images together in context. For example, given text and an image that seem innocuous when considered apart (e.g., “Look how many people love you” and a picture of a barren desert), people recognize that these elements take on potentially hurtful connotations when […]

What 50 hours in Astro’s Playroom taught me about video games

I’m weird. By most accounts, you can beat Astro’s Playroom — the PlayStation 5’s glorified pack-in tech demo — in about four hours. I’ve played 50 hours, and I still haven’t completed it. That’s because instead of finishing out the last level, I’ve spent an absurd amount of time chasing after faster times in the […]