Data-Driven PPC Marketing Has Become More Important than Ever

PPC marketing has become a lot more popular, largely due to the growing benefits of data-driven marketing strategies with pay-per-click strategies. Marketers can use big data to squeeze more value out of their paid search marketing campaigns. However, despite the major advances of data-driven and AI technology in the search marketing field, many marketers still […]

How Apple’s self-driving car plans might transform the company itself

What would an Apple self-driving car look like? We don’t know yet, but what we do know is that the company has serious plans to roll out its own electric self-driving car by 2024. Apple hasn’t officially confirmed any of the information disclosed in the Reuters reports that broke the news last week. And we […]

Securing Work-From-Home Networks to Safeguard Your Business

As the crisis-ridden months of 2020 ticked by, the growing realization that remote work was going to be an essential factor in businesses remaining financially sound prompted many SMB leaders to examine their company’s cybersecurity protocols. With employees remotely accessing sensitive company accounts and data via unsecured personal devices, securing your company network and avoiding […]

4 Ways to Help Your Family Combat Cyber Threats in the New Year

No doubt, we have a lot to be hopeful for as we step into the New Year. We’ve adapted, survived, and learned to thrive under extraordinary circumstances. While faced with plenty of challenges, families successfully transitioned to working and learning from home like pros. So, as we set our intentions for 2021, we will need […]

How the Food and Beverage Industry Can Develop a Circular Economy

It’s no secret that the food and beverage industry has a less-than-spectacular environmental record. Food and agriculture account for 26% of global emissions and 70% of freshwater withdrawals. The world needs this sector, but it also needs sustainability, so something has to change.Much of the industry’s environmental impact is the result of waste, either in […]

What is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)?

If you deal with the financial side of a business, you know how difficult it can be to get the information you need from all of the different departments. With enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, most of that information is organized into a single, centralized system, so you can easily find what you need. Keep […]

Mohammed Farooq Q&A: How Hypergiant is pushing for an open AI platform for ‘ModelOps’

After Amazon’s three-week re:Invent conference, companies building AI applications may have the impression that AWS is the only game in town. Amazon announced improvements to SageMaker, its machine learning (ML) workflow service, and to Edge Manager — improving AWS’ ML capabilities on the edge at a time when serving the edge is considered increasingly critical […]

GamesBeat managing editor Jason Wilson’s favorite non-RPGs of the year

When I started putting together a list of games for this, I realized that, like so many others during the pandemic, I had played more games in 2020 than I had in previous years. But I’m not sure that the pandemic changed my habits. Part of this increase is because my kids are now 10 […]