3 Obscure Challenges Companies Face when Implementing AI


Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have been making their way into pretty much every single industry, as the ability for companies to track their progress and analyze data at the push of a button certainly has mass appeal for both its convenience and potential to save money. In hospitals, robot assisted surgeries are becoming more and more sought after; in construction, predictive analytics are preventing injuries; and even in sports, coaches are using simulations based on artificial intelligence to determine good decisions at given points during a game or match. The general view on AI is that implementing it where appropriate (time saving, money saving) is almost always a good idea regarding the bottom line, but the implementation itself tends to cause some issues within companies, especially larger ones. Here are # challenges that companies face when implementing AI measures. According to Andrew Schwarz, PhD, professor in the dept. of entrepreneurship and information systems at Louisiana State University Online, “the future of business is clearly being disrupted by the leveraging of Artificial Intelligence. But this will not be without challenges. Companies are seeking to meet the expectations of their stakeholders while balancing the ethical challenges that AI will …

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