5G Architecture and the Environment


Cell phone users are excited for the introduction of 5G networks around the globe. These networks will offer high-speed low-latency mobile internet to compatible devices. While it has it’s uses and will eventually be beneficial, there are a number of experts concerned about the impact that 5G architecture will have on the environment. What sort of environmental impacts can we expect to see as 5G networks begin expanding across the country and around the globe?The Impact of ManufacturingThe first and perhaps one of the largest environmental impacts of 5G architecture won’t come from the network itself. Instead, we have to look at the environmental impact of manufacturing. On the commercial side, phone companies are creating an entire new infrastructure to support 5G networks because they utilize a different energy wavelength than previous incarnations of the network. On the consumer side, older phones won’t be compatible with the 5G network. They’ll still work with 4G and LTE towers but as more companies make the transition to 5G, it will become necessary to make the switch in order to stay connected. That’s going to mean a lot of discarded cell phones and mobile devices in landfills or getting shipped overseas for recycling.Increased …

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