Analyst View: Opportunity to develop virtual worlds


NVIDIA Omniverse
What NVIDIA Omniverse Machinima brings to the table is that virtual world. Game elements developers can build rich worlds that these avatars can explore for entertainment or use for virtual meetings. The avatars can move through those worlds using tools like the HP Omnicept headset and SDK as if they were in the real world. Textures, photorealism, physics, and environmental elements like lighting and NPCs (Non-Player Characters) can be added for realism. All worlds that people could vacation or work in become possible, opening a massive opportunity for developers. Face animation is built into the tool. All it needs is HP’s Omnicept headset to feed the animation (default is to animate by sound, but that won’t provide the level of realism possible from instrumenting the face). Imagine having meetings in a virtual castle, an office building that has yet to be built, or collaborating on a design in a virtual lab.

We have an increasing need to provide safe ways for people to work, play, and unwind. VR had the potential to create this solution but, up until recently, didn’t step up to the challenge. HP with its Omnicept and NVIDIA with its Omniverse Machinima effort provide the potential, with the help of developers, to meet this massive and growing pandemic-sourced need. Now it is just a matter of time before a focused developer puts these two tools together and creates the next significant collaboration, entertainment, or virtual vacation offering. The only remaining question is, who will be up for that task?

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