Tech Thursday: The Changing Faces of Technology

Click to learn more about author Mathias Golombek. From healthcare to tech takeovers, I discuss the latest stories and hottest trends in our Tech Thursday round-up. Saving Face A facial recognition experiment has sparked a heated debate over “reckless findings,” and the world has taken notice. The study was done at Stanford University, where researchers have claimed […]

2021 Predictions: Powering Web 3.0, Lean AI, Post-COVID Business, and More

Click to learn more about author Manjusha Madabushi. It’ll be difficult for the events of any New Year to match the astronomical changes that took place over the past 12 months. Nevertheless, 2021 will surely see a number of developments that, although less momentous, will prove highly significant for the core areas of Data Management […]

Understanding Artificial Intelligence Marketing: Approaches and Techniques

Click here to learn more about Gilad David Maayan. What Is Artificial Intelligence Marketing? In marketing, artificial intelligence (AI) is the process of using data models, mathematics, and algorithms to generate insights that marketers can use. Marketers use insights gained from AI to guide future decisions on event spending, strategy, and content topics. AI also […]

Graph Databases: Updates on Their Growing Popularity

Graph databases became recognized as a database design in 2006, when Tim Bernes-Lee developed the concept of a huge database called the “linked data.” This concept became the basis of graph storage, and could display how organizations, people, and items or entities are associated, or “interconnected” with one another, and the nature of the relationships. […]

How Decision-Makers Can Improve Data Literacy in Organizations

Click to learn more about author Eva Murray. In this blog we will learn what a difference decision-makers can make by being involved in the process of improving Data Literacy. Read the first blog in this series to learn about the three most important considerations for Data Literacy in your organization Data Literacy for Decision-Makers […]

The Best Cybersecurity Tools for Small Businesses

Protecting your small business from cybersecurity threats might not be at the top of your priority list. However, an average of one cyber attack takes place every 39 seconds and 43 percent of these usually target small businesses. The average breach costs companies around $200,000, which could be devastating for a small business. We’ve put […]

Avoid These Mistakes on Your Data Warehouse and BI Projects: Part 2

Click to learn more about author Wayne Yaddow. In Part 1 of this series, we described how data warehousing (DW) and business intelligence (BI) projects are a high priority for many organizations. Project sponsors seek to empower more and better data-driven decisions and actions throughout their enterprise; they intend to expand their user base for […]

How AI Empowers Machine Learning to Be More Democratized

Click to learn more about co-author Adam Carrigan. Click to learn more about co-author Jorge Torres. Traditionally, machine learning tools were only available to enterprises with the necessary budget and expertise. Now, AI is empowering machine learning to be democratized to reach more users, allowing them to make the business intelligence-driven decisions that could transform […]

Will They Blend? Meeting the Semantic Web

Click to learn more about author Martyna Pawletta. Let’s see if we can serve pizza via the Semantic Web and an analytics platform. Will they blend? Ontologies study concepts that directly relate to “being,” i.e., concepts that relate to existence and reality as well as the basic categories of being and their relations. In information science, […]