The networking-security approach to cloud adoption: Complexity and convergence

The cloud offers tremendous opportunities for better agility, performance, cost savings, accelerated time to market – all driving better outcomes and experiences. The first wave of cloud migrations often generated these types of results. But the adoption of multiple clouds and the rise of increasingly complex hybrid networks means these goals are harder to achieve. […]

Microsoft launches Cloud for Retail in latest industry cloud targeting

Microsoft has announced the launch of Microsoft Cloud for Retail, in another sign of the largest cloud providers targeting specific industries and sectors. The announcement, which was made at NRF 2021, the annual retail jamboree, aims to help brands enable what Microsoft calls ‘intelligent retail’. As Shelley Bransten, corporate vice president for worldwide retail and […]

How the cloud continues to support the ongoing Covid-19 response

The increased use of online services brought by the Covid-19 pandemic has created new technical requirements for organisations. Since the pandemic-imposed hiatus of most in-person activities and the accompanying shift into digital life, websites and applications must now be scalable and able to react to demand in real-time to avoid slow response times and outages. […]

6 Organizational Challenges for Cloud Services

Organizations have rapidly come to the realization that digital cloud services make a compelling business case for helping them navigate this difficult pandemic year. The market for cloud services is expected to grow 18% in 2021 and is likely to surpass a staggering $1 trillion by 2024. While benefits of cloud adoption may seem fairly […]

How cloud-native technologies are a springboard to innovation and business transformation

Opinion Businesses agility, performance and flexibility are more necessary now than ever before — especially in these adverse, pandemic, times — in order to remain competitive and stay on course for growth. In order to remain dynamic and relevant, business transformation requires the implementation of increasingly complex and advanced applications that are able to adapt […]

Taking a Deep Dive into WordPress for Small and Medium Business

WordPress. For a lot of people this name might initially conjure up a place for amateur bloggers, almost a hobbyist site. But nothing could be further from the truth. As an open source web hosting platform, WordPress commands a significant proportion of the overall website marketplace, capable not only of hosting but of scalability, security […]

Why public cloud is ‘essential for survival’ post-Covid as working patterns are transformed

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The Real-world Impact of the IoT

Just as the Industrial Revolution changed the relationship between humans and work, the rise of the Internet of Things promises to create a fundamental shift in the way companies and their employees operate. This leap forward won’t happen just because everything from coffee cups to light fixtures has sensors now — it will happen because […]

AWS and Twilio cut ties with Parler after US Capitol riots

Parler, the ‘free speech’ social network popular with supporters of President Trump, has found itself silenced after various technology and hosting providers cut ties following the riots on Capitol Hill on Wednesday. Amazon Web Services (AWS), on whose cloud Parler was hosted, told the company in an email, first reported by BuzzFeed, that it planned […]

Why more CIOs are focusing on digital business acceleration talent

Enterprise CEOs are looking to their most senior technology leaders to deliver competitive digital business transformation projects that enable new revenue growth. Furthermore, they crave business technology champions that are skilled in motivating and developing IT talent for their top priorities. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to transform how CIOs manage, collaborate, and respond to their […]